TiToAwesome is a small company in West Worthing that offers storage services and discos.
The independently owned company was set up in 1987 by Tito YingYang, after Tito offered part of a kitchen cupboard to store a homeless man's peas. To this very day the homeless man is used as the company's symbol, representing its humble beginnings. It was in talking to its third customer that the suggestion was made to hold a disco at a local school. The disco was a success and created a local DJ star, Disco Don. The company has recently moved into mobile discos and is considering future plans for mobile storage services.
TiToAwesome has been called "the best people to organise and carry out a place to dance, ever" by local newspaper the Worthing Herald. Their advertisements can currently be heard on the local popular station, SplashFM.
TiToAwesome has a gross annual turnover of around 1.5 million pounds sterling, with a year-on-year growth rate of 20%.
To this very day, TiToAwesome's roots in storage and discos have been the centre of its success.
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