The Tilter

The Tilter is a 100% electric vehicle, completely careened. It enters the category of the tilting three wheeler, and aims at facilitating the path of commuters of urban and peri-urban areas. It was presented for the first time in the international Geneva Motor Show 2011. Its putting on sale on the market is announced in 2012. Among the tilting three wheelers, it is a "1F3T", which means that the single wheel is at the front and the inclination concerns the three wheels.
Although of significant technical interest the control system will not function correctly on a fast driver input. This is because the first action that takes place is a driver steer input which creates centrifugal force to tilt the vehicle in the wrong direction. Then " after the event" signals are sent to differentially drive the rear wheels and so cause the vehicle to tilt in the correct direction for the turn. But, the initial centrifugal force in the wrong direction needs to be overcome before the tilt can occur in the correct direction. This will always result in a slow tilting speed unsatisfactory for safe road use. In essence there is no " automatic countersteer" input on this vehicle and this is exactly the same fault as was found in the BMW CLEVER which also was unsafe for the same reason.
The Tilter was developed by SynergEthic, an independent french company founded in 2007 by the current director Mr Eric Prosé. SynergEthic is located in Les Mureaux in the department of Les Yvelines, France. The company has been helped by the government of France through in particular Oséo (a government agency that finances innovative projects) and the Conseil Général des Yvelines as part of an aid for research and development. The company is also financed by the Agence française de l'Environnement et de la Maitrise de l’Energie via the Fonds Démonstrateur of l'ADEME. The Turkish companies Brightwell Holdings, Orhan Holding and B Plas have also joined the project.
Technical characteristics
* Number of doors: 1
* Number of seats: 2
* AR: 751 mm
* Length / width / height: 2 530 / 900 / 1 650 mm
* Trunk capacity with 1 person: 220L
* Tare weight: 340 kg
* Type of motor: wheel hub motor (on the two rear wheels)
* Power: 2 x 7.5 kW
* Couple: 2 x 250 N.m
Battery and refill
* Batteries: lithium iron phosphate battery
* Capacity: 7.68 kWh
* Rated voltage: 256 volts
* Battery ground: 93 kg
* Charging time: 6h00 complete charge and 3h00 from 20% to 80% of the capacity
Performance and range
* Maximum speed: 110 km/h
* Acceleration 0-50 km/h: 4.6 s
* Range: 120 km
Practical aspects
Within the framework of the European category L5e of of three-wheeled vehicle, no crash-test is imposed.
The company SynergEthic announces results in simulation which must be validated by real crashes (frontal shock 50 km/h stiff barrier):
* Sinking of the frame of 350 mm
* Penetration below 100 mm
* Occupants deceleration curve <35g during 0.07 s
The Tilter has seat belts front and rear; wearing a helmet is not required.
License requirements
The holder of a motorcycle license can drive a Tilter. Since November 2010, the article R221-7 of traffic rules specifies that motorized tricycles category L5E is no longer conductive of full rights with a driving license, with retroactive effect on all the driving licenses in circulation. However, the article R221-8 maintains this right. For driving license furthermore of 2 years within the framework of a valid equivalence on the national territory.
Several versions of the Tilter are planned such as the utility (one seat + adaptable space) and the vehicle adapted to disabled persons (manual driving, removable seat)
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