The Rocketz

The Rocketz is a Mexican-American Psychobilly band.

In 2003, John Dimambro approached Tony "Slash" Red-Horse about giving him upright bass lessons. It was during those lessons that the first of The Rocketz songs were written. Tony approached John about starting the band, and also approached Andrew Martinez who immediately agreed. Unfortunately or fortunately , John Dimambro was unable to commit due to another project going overboard. So Tony asked a former student, Tony Macias, to play some shows with them. He jumped on the ship and away they went. John still stays involved stepping in when Tony’s other band, “Dawn Shipley and The Sharpshooters” is booked for shows. Tony Macias now plays with Dawn Primarily, Don "Pony Boy" Fraser is took over the double bass position.Even though he sat in on some shows early on. Andrew, Tony "Slash" Red-Horse, and Pony Boy all played for different bands before forming The Rocketz in December 2003.

Current lineup
*Tony "Slash" Red-Horse - Vocals and Guitar
*Pony Boy - Double bass and backing vocals
*Andrew Martinez - Drums and backing vocals

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