The History of Shaw

Shaw, Columbia, Boone County, Missouri.
Is in the Two-Mile Prairie, Missouri

Shaws History can go back to 1860 and then back to before Missouri was a state in 1820. The town was called Prairie Grove. It was odd, but the town had only two churchies ans a black smith shop, the only thing standing today. But with both churchies it had two cemitarys with more then 300 graves dating back to 1840. At Wettershaw manor, there is a small cematery with about 12 greaves in it dating back to 1819. A Dr. John J Lowery Told people in an add in 1819 that if they did not start paying him he would have to sell his home on the Two-mile Preairie( this would make this town and area older them Missouri.

In "Switzlers" book, "History of Boone County " Written in 1882 on page 734 under fine farms he says this about the area,

Some of the finest farms in the State of Missouri, or in the West, are to be found in the Columbia township. On them are to be found not only fertile feilds but fruitful orchards, pleasant pastures, lovly lawns, and handsom, commodious and elegant residences. Some of the farmhouses in the township present the appearance of the Mansion of an English landlord, and the estates are in the highest state of cultivation and improvement. The farms on Two-mile prairie have an extended reputation, but a majority of the timber farms produce on an average fully as well, albeit a great deal of the soil in the timber is so poor as to be practically worthless for the purposes of ordinary cultivation.

He also says in one othe book that the Two-Mile Prairie looks as if you were in old England and all the great manor homes in the area.

Shaws History can be found in "Switzlers" book History of Boone County. The county was named after Daniel Boone who lived in Missouri. Shaws history dates back to a town called Prairie Grove on the Two-Mile Prairie in 1860

In 2002 A group from Mo-dot board members wanted to put in a bypass in, around Columbia, and right thru Shaw. So the people of Shaw showed up to the Bypass meeting, such as Mr. Blase of Blase's Angus, John Glenn Grone, of Glenn Acres Farm, and Andrew Wetter of Wettershaw Manor. The group of men Disliked the Idea of the bypass, as did many others in the area of what was to be their land of use. When It came time to ask the people ask things about the bypass, Mr Wetter on live TV asked if anyone of the Board Members had even taken the time to drive the area they would be distroying, they said No they had not. Well Mr. Wetter went on to point out that it went right thru two Historical places recognized by The Boone County Historical Society and the Shaw Preservation Society. And that he would start the Stop the Bypass group, and with the help of both Societies it was stopped.

Recognized Places in Shaw

*Baptist Cemetery (founded in 1873).....................2001
*Methodist Cemetery Founded in 1871)....................2002
*Glenndale (Glenn family Home) (built in 1879)......... 2003
*Wettershaw Manor (Wetter family Home) (built in 1819)..2004
*Shaw blacksmith and Livery ( built in 1898)............2005
*Glenn Acers Farm (Grone family Home) (built in 1889)...2005
*Gates Farm (Gates Family Home) ( built in 1873)........2006
*Wettershaw Manor Barn (built in 1849)..................2007
*Deiver Home.........(under vote for)...................2008

We wiil try and get phoyos up and working on a list in ceneterys to look at.
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