The Creative Organization Project

The Creative Organization Project is an original academic work created by PR professional Ginny Jones, FCPRS APR, and Denise O'Connor PhD. It is based in public relations theory, with large influence from Excellence in Public Relations and Communication Management.
The project contends that companies in today's business climate are squandering their employees' opportunities for creativity in a marketplace that is more than ever demanding of innovation and adaptability.
The project aims to offer an alternative to traditional top-down business models that limit the power of its employees. By giving creative freedom to its workforce, companies stand a much better chance of competing in a marketplace that rewards creativity and innovation. Apple and Google are two notable employers that have innovative and unorthodox offices and workplace environments. It is through this type of creativity and rejection of traditional workplace models that the project is promoting and encouraging among corporate business leaders.
The project is an on-going work supported by blogs, podcasts with industry professionals, and a journal article. Its intentions are to observe and collect information regarding corporate culture, and to test the contentions of its arguments regarding creative and collaborative workplace environments.
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