Terrestrial Based Relativity

TBR , last edited in 2006, is an alternative to Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity. TBR postulates the necessity of force dependence for motion to occur, thus denying that observed relative motion is necessarily real motion. Another postulate being that there is no linear motion in the Universe. Includes a new interpretation of The Lorentz Transformation,
which coincides with the results of the Haffle and Keating Experiment of 1971.
Also, the velocity of light is theorized to be other than constant for observers in all states of motion.

The theory proposes that in the conversion of mass to energy, one half of the mass involved has not been considered and that there is twice the energy released, as previously thought, one half being in a passive state. Theory is given as to how the passive energy may be accessed. One access technique being the utilization of the delay time of the extension of a magnetic field.

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