Stroud Consulting

Stroud Consulting Inc. is an operations management consulting firm that was recently ranked the #1 "Best Small Firm To Work For" by Consulting Magazine.
Stroud has offices in Boston, USA and London, England.
In 2008, Stroud was recognized by Consulting Magazine as the "Best Small Firm To Work For" in the world. Consulting Magazine reported that, of approximately 100 small consulting firms (those having fewer than 350 consultants) analyzed, Stroud was ranked:
* #1 in Morale (98%)
* #1 in Positive Impact on Clients (95%; the next highest firm had 79%)
* #2 in Formal Training Hours (86.5 hours annually)
* #2 in Meets Their Clients' Needs (88%; the highest firm had 89%).
In 2009, Consulting Magazine named Stroud the #1 "Best Small Firm To Work For" in the field of Operations Management Consulting, and the #2 best overall. Stroud was ranked:
* #1 in Compensation and Benefits
* #1 in Training per Year (76.8 hours annually; the next highest had 60.3 hours annually)
* #1 in Positive Impact on Clients (4.9/5)
* #1 in Meets Their Clients' Needs (4.9/5)
* #2 in Morale (4.8/5; the highest firm had 4.9/5)
* #2 in Career Development
* #3 in Leadership
Stroud Consulting recruits a majority of their consultants directly after completing their undergraduate degrees. Stroud consultants will typically start their career as an associate before progressing through the following roles:
* Associate
* Consultant
* Senior Consultant
* Lead Consultant
* Principal
* Partner
Our clients range in size from small companies to Fortune 500's. They reach across a mix of business sectors including:
* Paper & Packaging
* Food & Beverage
* Healthcare
* Defense Services
* Chemicals
* Oil and Gas
* Consumer Goods
* Pharmaceuticals
* Plastics
* Automotive and Transportation
Client Results
Stroud Consulting recognizes that their clients face an inherent risk in any consulting engagement. To help share this risk, Stroud puts their fees at risk in order to guarantee a substantial, real-time return on investment.
Stroud's engagements are typically structured to turn cash flow positive in weeks with little or no capital expenditures.
Public Interviews with Stroud
* Consulting Magazine Interview with Nathaniel Greene, Managing Partner, on growth in a down economy
* MBA Podcaster Interview with Taylor Milner, Principal, on whether an MBA is necessary for career growth and business success
Stroud Consultants regularly publish articles in the field of operations and management strategy, with the intention of sharing new perspectives and novel ways of thinking. A collection of internally published articles is available on Stroud's Website. A summary of the most recent articles is included below.
* The road to failure is paved with averages. Neil Heffernan, July 2009.
* Solving problems from first principles. Taylor Milner, June 2009.
* The importance of the right incentives. Gaurav Gupta, May 2009.
* Do you have the 'fire-fighting' culture? Scott Whitbread, April 2009.
* Prioritisation means agreeing what not to do, yet. Ryan Hale, 2009.
* Accumulation: output boost or wasted capital Ryan Hale, 2009.
Boston, Massachusetts (Founded in 2001)
London, United Kingdom (Founded in 2001)
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