Stitching AKN

The Stitching AKN is a Group when Origin of 3 Public Broadcasters AVRO KRO and NCRV serves the Progress of Public Broadcasters These are Ideologies AVRO is Liberal KRO is Catholic and NCRV is Protestants when Stitching AKN dissolved in 2013 all the 3 Public Broadcast have a Status was
Class A other than BNN TROS EO and VARA
For Television On September 1991 all 3 Omroepens Move to Nederland 1 (later on August 18 MAX VARA BNN WNL and TROS move to NPO1)
For Radio On January 1992 NPO 3FM has a Schedules Between KRO and NCRV Programs Every Saturday and Sunday while AVRO Every Mondays
unite all 3 Weekend and 1 Post-weekend Aired on 3FM
Ended the AKN System which until 2013 keep the Name AKN until 2014 to 2015 Succeeded the Name ATKN (AVROTROS/KRO-NCRV)
Goede Morgen Nederland- It was a Morning Program All 3 Once start in 2000 later in 2015 GMN move to WNL
Netwerk- Unlike NOS Journaal that was a News/Talk Program While Journaal was on Ned. 2 then Later to 1
Using the Omroepens AVRO,KRO,NCRV,EO (Until 2010)
Get the Picture- Based on Nickelodeon Series Straight ahead to Netherlands The First Presenter was Judith de Brujin (Previously as a Omroepster) all 2 Presenters Run from 1996 and Ends in 2004 Produced between AVRO and KRO (except NCRV)
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