Star Sisterz

Star Sisterz is a collectible card and charm bracelet game and book series aimed primarily at young girls (ages 8-12), based on 'truth or dare' and features fashion elements. The game and series are produced by Wizards of the Coast (a subsidiary of Hasbro) and is the company's "first card game that specifically targets girls". Wizards of the Coast has reported that the game's domestic sales have "met expectations".
Book reception
Of the book series, the School Library Journal gave the first book a mixed review, calling the ending "predictable" but stating that Nova Rocks was told with "a lot of humor and teen angst". wrote that some elements of the first book were awkward, but that the book's "fun and engaging storyline" and relevant themes that the target audience would "find hard to put down". Kidzworld gave the book three stars, saying that Nova Rocks was a "quick read" with a weak ending but was an overall "fun read".
Of later books in the series, KidzWorld wrote that Carmen Dives In was fun but that the main character was "too cool" and that didn't seem to have any real problems. has reviewed many of the other books in the series, with an overall positive consensus.

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