Stappenmethode (step-method) is a method used in the teaching of chess, used by numerous schools and chess clubs. It is the official method of the KNSB.
It consists of a concentric learning method, involving six "steps" in ascending order of difficulty. The method was designed by the Rotterdam teacher Cor Wijgerden with Rob Brunia. At each step requires a manual and a workbook. The method is designed to be used in class or individually. Individual self-study books such as "Good chess" were released, and are based on the Step Method. The method is suitable for children and adults.
The main difference between the old and contemporary approach Step Method is that the old approach introduces chess in width (including opening knowledge , chess history, etc.), while the Step Method focuses on the systematic building of tactical skills. In fact, this involves the development of pattern recognition . The choice to focus on tactical skills was made because tactically correct play is considered to be a prerequisite for the achievement of strategical aims.
The step method has also been used in the Rotterdam chess academy since 2004, as well as many schools and clubs in the Netherlands and Belgium.
The lessons mostly take the form of chess problems. In these tasks there is a chess position given the and an intended solution to be found in a certain number of moves. The method currently comprises of six steps, which cover the following topics:
:Step 1:  Rules
:Step 2:  Elementary tactics and positional play
:Step 3:  Defense and lone pawn endgames
:Step 4:  Preparatory set, positional aspects
:Step 5:  Endgame
:Step 6:  Strategy
Each step consists of approximately 15 lessons. After every 5 lessons (approximately) there is a key component added to the mix and the process is repeated.  The repetition exercises repeat the substance, mixed assignments are relatively more difficult, there is no indication of the theme of the exercise and therefore the these assignments are more like actual play.
Each step concludes with an exam. Upon completion, the student receives the diploma of the associated step.

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