Sinclair Institute

The Sinclair Institute was founded in 1991 with the goal of helping couples discover how to improve their relationships through better sex and intimacy. To achieve better sex, the Sinclair Institute created ground breaking adult sex education products and well as adult sex toys. Sinclair is the founder of the Better Sex Video Series and the Better Sex Synergy Pleasure System . Sinclair also specializes in adult sex education products and adult sex products, created by their own company as well as by other leading manufacturers. Sinclair owns and operates its sister site, .
The Sinclair Institute aimed at providing customers with accurate and engaging information geared towards a more satisfying love life. Topics related to sex are crucial to discuss, but they tend to be controversial, difficult issues to talk about. By tackling this topic Sinclair aimed to face this confusion and derision in classy and factual manner.

Since 1991 Sinclair has developed an extensive library of sex education videos. Working with internationally recognized sexuality educators and marriage therapists, Sinclair Institute's video products teach couples how to communicate better about sex and to build healthier, intimate relationships. Sinclair’s The Better Sex Video Series has become classic Best Selling Sex Education video series which use by many well known sex educators in the US and around the world. The series has sold more than 4 millions copies world wide . Sinclair’s well known sex education video series such as Kama Sutra, Erotic Dance and The Art of Sexual Position, 52 Weeks of Passionate Sex, have been featured on the Phil Donahue Show, Jenny Jones, Entertainment Tonight, CBS This Morning, HBO’s Real Sex and The Joan Rivers Show.

In 1993, Sinclair Institute and the created the Sinclair Advisory Council, composed of well-known sex educators, therapists, and researchers from across North America.

With the age of the internet came a new group of customers who might not otherwise discuss sex or visit a store to purchase sexual health products. The Sinclair website debuted in 1997 and provided an area to not only provide expert advice, but to anonymously learn about and discuss difficult sex topics . Topics range from sexual tips and techniques, relationship advice, information for people of all sexual orientations, ages, and people living with disabilities. Users can post questions to a panel of sexual experts, share their experience on the Sinclair’s message board forum .
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