Simply Priceless

Simply Priceless is a heel tag team competing for World Wrestling Entertainment, consisting of Ted DiBiase, Jr. and Cody Rhodes. They are currently assigned to the RAW brand, and are the current World Tag Team Champions.

In 2008, Cody Rhodes was holding the World Tag Team Championships with Harcore Holly. After retaining their titles against Paul London and Brian Kendrick, Rhodes and Holly were interrupted by Ted DiBiase, who proceeded to introduce the newest member of the RAW roster, his son Ted DiBiase Jr.. Ted DiBiase Jr. would then challenge Rhodes and Holly for the World Tag Team Titles.

Over the following weeks, DiBiase Jr. kept telling Rhodes and Holly that he has a mystery partner for Night of Champions, and that he would have his first gold title in his debut. At Night of Champions, DiBiase Jr. revealed that his partner was Cody Rhodes, who would turn on Holly, leaving him by himself. DiBiase would pick up the victory making the team of Rhodes and DiBiase the new World Tag Team Champions.

The following night on RAW, Rhodes then explained why he turned on Holly and that was because he wanted to show his father, Dusty Rhodes, of how he does the right thing his own way. He couldn't put up with Hardcore Holly as a partner anymore, thus the heel turn.

They then started a feud with Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

In Wrestling

*Finishing Moves
**Flowing Snap DDT- Cody Rhodes.
**Million Dollar Dream-Ted DiBiase.

Championships and Accomplishments

*World Tag Team Championship - DiBiase (1), Rhodes (2)- Current
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