Sex n violence

Sex N Violence is a los Angeles based punk rock band made up of members from Bullets And Octane and Unwritten Law.
The idea to come together and start Sex N Violence came about in the summer of 2007 while all the guys were on the Unwritten Law/Bullets And Octane tour together. Once the tour was over, Sex N' Violence holed up in the Orange County studio of Bullets and Octane to finish writing songs for the their debut record for the label Criterion Records titled "Makin' Our Way Between Your Thighs", which was released in June 2009 on iTunes.
Shortly after recording "Makin' Our Way Between Your Thighs" band members Brent Clawson and Todd Hennig left the band due to the fact that Sex N Violence was becoming more than just a side project and required more time than they had available due to their commitment in other projects.
Jonny Grill, the brother of Scott Russo from Unwritten Law and former guitarist in Scott and Aimee, joined Sex N Violence on Bass.
Dylan Howard, of Unwritten Law, joined the band permanently on drums.
Currently the members of Sex N Violence are recording demos for a new EP to be released in early 2010.
Band Members
*Jeremy MIller - Lead Vocals
*Gene Louis - Singer
*Jonny Grill - Bass Guitar
*Dylan Howard - Drums
*Kevin Besignano - Guitar
*Todd Hennig - Drums
*Brent Clawson - Bass
Albums and EPs
*Makin' Our Way Between Your Thighs (LP) (2009)

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