Security Task Manager

Security Task Manager is a desktop application, produced by Neuber Software GmbH, based in Halle, Germany. It detects all tasks/processes running on the computer and displays their ranking according to their security risk rating. The user will at a glance see detailed report on each task/process and quarantine or remove spyware, malware, keyloggers, and Trojans. Along with the rating, the program shows other details including file path, file description, CPU usage graph, hidden functions, process type and more. Once a highly rated process is detected, the user can quarantine it by moving it to the isolated folder and deleting corresponding Autostart keys in the Windows Registry. The full version of Security Task Manager also features SpyProtector add-on tool that will help the user delete traces of Internet and computer activity and disable keyboard/mouse surveillance software. The program warns the user when the Autostart key in the Windows Registry is modified.
Security Task Manager was selected as Top Download Picks of 2005 by PC World.
Security Task Manager is also mentioned in a book: "Malware Forensics: Investigating and Analyzing Malicious Code" and several security related sites, i.e. and
System requirements
* Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
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