Sean Fitzgereau

Sean Fitzgerald is a competitive eater from Houston, Texas and is currently the newest rising member of the IFOCE - International Federation of Competitive Eating. He is the highest ranked Competitive Eater in the World that is of Icelandish heritage.

Fitzgerald's family has a long history of whale hunting which he credits to providing him with his massive appetite for meat making him a contender for being the future king of the IFOCE. His grandfather and father have threatened to disown him as he has not taken up the family business.

Currently he holds the record for the "Big Burger" which is 15 "Big" 32 oz. filets having eaten them in a time of 10 minutes, 14 seconds. He hopes to soon challenge for the other burger belts and be the undisputed champion of grilled meat eating.


Fitzgereau, Sean
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