Sayed Nohir Uddin Ahmad Nuh

Sufi-Saint of Bangladesh
Sayed Nohir Uddin Ahmad Nuh is one of those saints in Bangladesh who reform and uproot the superstitions from the society. He heals not only the minds and thoughts of people but also he tries to resolve the problems of the society.
Family history
He was born on 5 March 1945 in a Muslim family. He claims that his forefather Sayed Judi Uddin (known as Judi Mohasha) was a saint by born and he could cure "speech impaired" people miraclously.
Spiritual chain
He belongs to a religious and saint family. However, he becomes disciple of a well known saint of India named Faizul Qasim Abdul Wahid Kalimi Dehlavi.
He has a number of contributions in various fields in the society such as building mosque, Khankah and educational institutions. Wahidiah Kalimiah Darbar Sharif is a symbol of his great sacrifices.
Sufi lineage
He has been practicing Naqshbandi order but he received knowledge of other Sufi order from his Sheikh (spiritual leader). However, his heriditory Sufi order is Shattari.
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