Rosario Citarda

Rosario Citarda(born May 19, 1971, Palermo, Italy) started practicing martial arts when he was 7 years.
Current personal defense instructor of state police defense, formed by the best National Instructors. From an early age has dedicated part of his life to the martial arts, achieving excellent placings at Regional and National level. During the course of the years he specializes in numerous disciplines both from body-to-body combat but also for civilian and military methods of personal defense. Several years ago, after a frequency of 80 hours of the training course, he got the qualification of instructor of Krav Maga , become a part of this method of self-defense.
During the end of May and early June 2009, he attended a 120-hour Instructor course in Geneva with Israeli Philippe Kaddouch. In 2009 the master Rosario Citarda create AIKM The Italian Academy of Krav Maga.
The main goal of the master Rosario Citarda is to practice and teach the true original system, but above all to maintain a high level of student training.
Krav Maga
The Master Rosario Citarda today is the President of the Federation Wtka Italia Krav Maga and Aikm Italia, as well as the National director Krav Maga of the First entity of Sports Promotion in Italy CSEN.
Achievements and contributions
A specialist in Krav Maga Advanced in Military and civilian Kapap, also is President of the National sectors for the M. A. D. Method of anti-aggression Woman and Krav Maga Police G. S. P., the Global System Police Krav Maga with many Instructors throughout Italy. ”SILVER MEDAL for CIVIL VALOUR“ is Conferred by the President of the Republic A. Ciampi year 2001
and also have been awarded: Receives a reward a superior Degree for Extraordinary Merits (State Police) 2001 Police Party. At 2001 he got a Silver Medal Carnegie Foundation for acts of heroism and shield of Silver Foundation "Shields of St. Martin" for acts of heroism (Florence). Badge of "Wounded in Service".
In 2005 Rosario Citarda became instructor of Personal Defense of the Police State and specialist in Techniques of Disarmament, method PSD
In 2010 he took part on the world championships of WTKA and won category of Security Self Defense and Street Self Defense
In 2012 Rosario Citarda held a training seminar Instructors with the Israeli Eyal Yanilov and the direct heir of the founder of Krav Maga Imi Lichtenfeld
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