Rongjie Xing
General of China.

Was born in 1911 in Heipei, China. Started in Army in 1933 as a Mission commander of the defend group , joined Chinese republic army in 1973. During the China-Japan war, work as the Captain of Ji West guerrillas, Command Chief of Staff and commander of the third Detachment ,Yu Ji, chief of staff of the anti-Japanese Volunteer army, Taihang Fifth Military Region, chief of staff of the military subdistrict 34,Chief of staff of the 8th Military Subdistrict, During the war of liberation, he was the district chief of staff of the Fifth Military Region of Daheng, and the Chief of Staff of the sixth column 16 Jinjilushu Field Army Brigade . Captain of Central Plains Area Military University. Commander of the 36th Dvivsion. After the founding of People's Republic of China, he became the Commander of the 3rd Corps, Commander of the the military subdistrict of East Sichuan Fuling Military Region. Professor tactical trainers and Deputy Director of the Training Department of the Nanjing Military Academy. Also the military attache of Socialist Republic of Vietnam Embassy . Commander of Shaanxi Military District. In 1955 was promoted to the rank of major general. Awarded the Medal of Freedom of independent, and Independent Liberation Medal.

Passed away in 1997, 11 / 20
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