Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Rainbow Kitten Surprise and all five of its members are originally from Boone, North Carolina their unique sound is a hearty blend from an array of artists such as Modest Mouse, Lana Del Rey and Kings of Leon.

RKS started in 2013 when Sam Melo and Darrick "Bozzy" Keller, started writing and composing music together in their dorm. They later added Ethan Goodpaster on lead guitar, Charlie Holt on bass, and Jess Haney on drums, filling out the band as it is known today.
Rainbow Kitten Surprise has been riding the success of their first two releases, RKS and Seven + Mary, and will be playing Bonnaroo , Hangout Festival , and Firefly, as well as other notable festivals in 2017.
RKS (2015)
"Cocaine Jesus" is the most popular song on the "RKS" Album with over 2.6 million listens on Spotify as of 3/20/17.
===Seven + Mary (2013)===
The songs on the album "Seven + Mary" have over 20 million listens on Spotify as of 3/20/17, making it their most popular work.
Rainbow Kitten Surprise on Audiotree Live (2017)
On January 26th, 2017 RKS headed to Chicago to do a live recording for Audiotree. The band performed six songs: Devil Like Me, Cocaine Jesus, Seven, American Shoes, Lady Lie, Wasted. The full concert has received over 12,000 views on Youtube.
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