Rage quit

Committing a 'rage quit' refers to an act carried out by an online gamer in which a player may leave an online game server due to anger or being 'en-raged' at an outcome or at another player. It can also refer to any quit done for reasons of rage, thus the term "Rage Quit".

'Rage quits' are extremely popular in FPS (First Person Shooter) games such as;
CoD 4 (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)
L4D (Left 4 Dead)
CoD WaW (Call of Duty: World at War)
UT Series (Unreal Tournament Games including Unreal Tournament Awakening and UT3) to name but a few...

'Rage quits' are also seen often in RTS (Real Time Strategy) games and RPG (Role Playing Games)including:
W3 (Warcraft 3)
CaC (Command and Conquer)

'Rage quits' have become so popular now that even online comics, such as VG Cats are parody-ing the event and can be seen on their website.

Many things can trigger 'rage quits' from players online. The main reson is that the player is getting killed a lot or 'owned' by the other players he or she is playing with and therefore gets en-raged because he or she cannot beat the other players in the server and leaves. The other main reason for someone to 'rage quit' is that they are beating all the other players in the server and is being called a cheater or a 'hacker' because of it. This at first is taken as a compliment, however as the game goes on more people begin to believe the 'hacking' remarks and this en-rages the player and can bring about a rage quit.
'Trash talking' is another way to bring about 'rage quits' from players as annoying gamers who just talk rubbish online, call people 'hackers' everytime they die or claim to 'lagg out' when they lose also push people to rage quit.
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