Physical Gears and Pulleys

The physics of gears and pulleys with a specificity of class B levers in terms of mechanical advantage.
Here are some notes regarding the relationship between angular velocity, linear velocity (around
the circumference), mechanical advantage in terms of a Class B lever, and stress vs strain:
Angular Velocity: Velocity of the angle; similar triangles
Linear Velocity: Velocity around the circumference
Mechanical Advantage: The ratio of the edges of the circles; directly proportional with
the force being applied to the outer circle(unless explicitly noted) as in a Class B lever.
Note that in a Class C lever the ratio would be reversed.
Stress vs Strain: As the force increases, distance decreases; torque. Increased force
results in higher stress, but less work interval(time in between). By the rules of torque
the same can be said for increasing distance and decreasing force.
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