OOS (short for Online Operating System) is a web desktop developed by iCUBE. It is available at for free usage. The OOS is similar to WebOS's such as YouOS and other so-called "web operating systems" or "webtops". A webtop offers several advantages over standard desktops used on a PC like the ability to own a personalized desktop on every PC which has a simple internet browser installed.


The interface of OOS much appears a "clone" of that of Microsoft Windows 2000, even more so than how ReactOS does of Windows NT.

Central features
The central features of the OOS can be summarized as follows:
* General: The Online Operating System is being developed with the aim of providing a "maximum level of usability in the World Wide Web" . It therefore provides comprehensive support of drag and drop, a well-known look & feel as well as an appealing user interface.
* Multi-language support: All the applications of the Online Operating System can be easily translated into any other language. Currently English and German versions of all applications are available.
* Theme support: The look of the OOS can be adapted by use of different themes. Currently, three different themes are included, further skins can be created based on CSS and Images.

Applications included in current version

The current set of applications is currently available in the Online Operating System:

* File Manager: Upload, download and manage files online: 1 GB of free web space is currently included.
* File Sharing: Via the file manager it is possible to share files with other users of the OOS.
* Web Browser: Open web documents in the OOS internal browser.
* Write: Open, view and edit formatted documents.
* Editor: Open, view and edit text as well as HTML documents.
* Image viewer: View images directly within the internal image viewing utility: Also a full-screen mode is available.
* Media Player: View movies and listen to MP3 music, directly within the Online Operating System.
* PDF Viewer: Open PDF documents within the OOS.
* Calculator: Perform simple calculations.
* Games: Various Flash-based games are available: Currently a Mario game as well as a funny cow game are included.

* Display Settings: Change the skin of the desktop, background image and background color, etc.
* Web Publishing: Publish a web page or a photo album with only a few clicks directly from within the OOS. A subdomain and free webspace is included for free.
* Profile Management: Manage the user's profile information, including spoken languages, contact details, etc.
* Application Management: Manage the set of available applications, desktop as well as quicklaunch links.

* Feedback Agent: Report bugs and communicate with the developers of the OOS.
* Tip of the Day: Learn more about the central features of the OOS.

* Groupware Suite: A comprehensive suite such as Microsoft Outlook:
** Mail: Send and receive mail messages directly within the Online Operating System.
** Contacts: Manage your private and office contacts.
** Todos: Manage simple tasks.
** Notes: Remember important information by storing them on post-it notes.
* Developer's Studio: Create and execute own OOS applications.

Next to come

* Calendar: Manage an individual calendar online.
* Instant Messenger: Send messages in real-time like in ICQ or MSN Messenger.
* Voice Conferencing: Talk to other people like in Skype.
* Image Processing: Modify images (crop, resize, rotate, use filters, etc).
* Social Networking: Provide personal information or search for other people like in LinkedIn or Xing.

License & JavaScript API

All applications provided in OOS are written entirely in JavaScript by using the (proprietary) reBOX API. This API is commercial whereas the provided applications themselves are published open source.

Soon it will be possible for developers to actively participate in the creation of OOS applications. For this purpose, a development environment will be available which makes it possible to create, execute and publish own applications for oneself and the other users of the Online Operating System. The set of provided open source applications shall provide a good starting point in the respective development processes.
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