The Obrimos are a fictional path of theurgists, priests and holy men in Mage: the Awakening RPG.

The Obrimos are Theurgists, following the Path of the Mighty. They are associated with the Watchtower of the Golden Key in the Realm of the Aether, Kingdom of the Celestial Spheres and Abode of Angels. The skies of the Aether burn with the energy of heavenly fire, which is meted out to all of Creation. Divine Hosts stand guard with lightning and swords of fire, allowing only those who cling to a vision of faith to enter.

The Obrimos are adept at the Arcana of Forces and Prime, making them masters controling the elements, electricity, gravity, kinetic energy, light, radiation, sound, weather and even Mana. Because of their religious convictions, the Obrimos have difficulty accepting the Arcana of Death. They are represented by the Tarot card of Strength, symbolizing the pursuit of a divine mandate.

In Sleeper religion, philosophy and occult systems, the Obrimos are often associationed with Christian Gnostic and Cabalistic symbols, sky gods, Hermes/Thoth/Mercury, the Norse Aesir and Zoroastrianism.

Legacies associated with the Obrimos Path include:
* Echo Walkers - Left Handed Legacy that experiments with human souls to study the divine.
* Perfected Adepts - Ascetic martial artists who seek to hone their body to perfection, also associated with the Adamantine Arrow.
* Tamer of Fire - Masters of the element of fire, both literally and symbolicly.
* Thrice-Great - Hermetic Silver Ladder Legacy that seeks to bring earth in harmony with celestial spirits.

* Mage: The Awakening (August 2005)
* Legacies: the Ancient (January 2007)
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