O.Y.E. - The New Awareness

O.Y.E. - The New Awareness is not a mantra, a movement, nor a mission statement or an illusion. It is a call to action...mental action. To act, not in the sense of physically getting up and performing a series of gestures and body movements to achieve an objective, but to become awake and aware of all of the things happening around you.
Quote To Cherish
The truth about secrecy is, only in secrecy will one ever find the truth!! - O.Y.E.
Awareness - Having knowledge or cognizance A word used over abundantly for which most never truly grasp the inherent nature of. How about SAW-VACC?? Ring a bell? Perhaps not, however if we were to take it out of its acronym form, it may be better understood. Sensible Alert Watchfulness Vigilantly Aware of Cognizant Consciousness. A mouthful of sentence wouldn't you say? What if I told you that it isn't a sentence at all? Rather a series of collaborative words ran together to further rejuvenate a term that has all but lost its meaning. Those words are the inherent ingredients that makes an individuals' awareness, and it just so happens to be that those same exact words are Synonyms of awareness.
So what exactly does all of this have to do with O.Y.E.. The simple answer is EVERYTHING. The world we live in, experience, enjoy, cherish and have become obliviously complacent in, is not the actual world that surrounds us. Rather, its just an elaborate distractable illusion that has cleverly kept us from reading the fine print...if you will. Delighted by technology and all of the bells and whistles that has come along with it, what plays in the shadows of our society continue to go completely unnoticed. It's high time someone flipped the switch.
Stay Tuned
O.Y.E. - The New Awareness is a wake up call. Stay by your cellphones, a message is coming.
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