Nimoy Sunset Pie

Nimoy Sunset Pie is Tumblr blog of an Internet meme that feature mashups including American actor Leonard Nimoy, sunsets, and pie.<ref name="Woerner 2010" /> It received considerable media attention in 2010.
Tumblr user nimoysunsetpie would post mashups featuring American actor Leonard Nimoy, sunsets, and pie.<ref name="Woerner 2010" /> Most of the memes revolve around Nimoy's role as television Star Treks Mr. Spock, but Spock's movie-versions have been included or Nimoy in his non-Spock roles.<ref name="Edelman 2012" /><ref name="Guzman 2010" /><ref name="MelissBuzzFeed 2010" /> Pies featured in the meme have included cherry pie, key lime pie, and pumpkin pie.<ref name="Edelman 2012" />
Before Nimoy Sunset Pie, there were Tumblrs called Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza and Selleck Waterfall Sandwich with the similar technique.<ref name="Laessig 2010" /><ref name="McGinley 2010" /><ref name="Schmidt 2010" /> Selleck Waterfall Sandwich showcased mashups of American actor Tom Selleck, waterfalls, and sandwiches.<ref name="Schmidt 2010" /> Meanwhile, Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza had American actress Bea Arthur, mountains, and pizza.<ref name="McGinley 2010" />
Blastrs Scott Edelman was baffled by the website stating "We're not sure that a website has ever baffled us and made us hungry at the same time before, but there's a first time for everything, we guess."<ref name="Edelman 2012" /> Lawrence, Kansas website Lawrence.coms Gavon Laessig critiqued the previous Tumblr Selleck Waterfall Sandwich with "The only thing really holding back is the very rigid format," but commended Nimoy Sunset Pie with "possibilities are limitless (for about another week…so enjoy it now before it hits the wall."<ref name="Laessig 2010" /> BuzzFeeds MelissBuzzFeed was similarly confused with "Finally, a website that baffles me and makes me hungry at the same time."<ref name="MelissBuzzFeed 2010" /> San Antonio, Texas daily newspaper San Antonio Express-Newss René A. Guzman favored the meme with "It ain’t the Picard facepalm, but it’s still pretty darn tasty."<ref name="Guzman 2010" />
Intel's Tiffany Peery called the meme "awesome."<ref name="Peery 2012" /> Discovers Phil Plait praised the meme with "This is without doubt the single greatest thing on Earth, and the very reason the Internet was invented."<ref name="Plait 2010" /> The Village Voices Mackenzie Schmidt compared Nimoy Sunset Pie with Selleck Waterfall Sandwich as "possibly more dimwitted (read: amazing) Like its memebling brethren, the phenomenon is completely reliant on some sometimes brilliant, but mostly questionable Photoshopping skills, and enlightening captions."<ref name="Schmidt 2010" /> Jezebels Hortense Smith reviewed the website favorably with "If the creators of Nimoy Sunset Pie are to be believed, the secret of living long and prospering just might be...pie?!"<ref name="Smith 2010" />
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