New Nordic

New Nordic is an International Pharmaceutical Company with headquarters in Malmø, Sweden with manufacturing in both Denmark and Sweden. They have 19 daughter companies spread out throughout Europe, America, and Asia. New Nordic is a publicly owned limited company.
New Nordic was founded on October 5 1990 in New Bond Street, London by the current CEO Karl Kristian Bergman Jensen.
In 1991 the CEO moved the operations to Copehagen, Denmark and launched their first line of product. Among these products was Frutin which would prove a vital cornerstone for the company's onward growth.
In 1992 Marinus Blåbjerg Sørensen joined the company as an equal partner of New Nordic, assigned the position of CFO.
In 1997 New Nordic trademarks their iconic logo of the world tree Yggdrasil.
In January 2007 New Nordic is listed as a public owned limited company on NASDAQ's daughter exchange First North. With the introduction to the stock exchange market they began rapidly expanding throughout Europe and set up offices in America and Asia.
Research and Manufacturing
New Nordic hired in 2006, Francois Gérard, an ethnobotanist expert with more than 25 years of experience in the field of plant resource valorisation. He is the creator of many of the iconic New Nordic brands.
Manufacturing takes place in Sweden and Denmark
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