Neopets plots

Neopets plots, as they are called, are site-wide events on the online virtual pet simulation game, Neopets, that appear periodically and are often hinted at for months in advance. Previous plots have included wars, puzzles, flash comics, new pets, games, and item releases, both online and in the real world. A plot often introduces a new site element, usually a "world" area, or may rejuvenate an old one.
Plots have been driven by comic-style story lines, which were once displayed in graphic form but are now Flash comics. All plots include Neopet characters as heroes or villains in dire situations that require all Neopets players to join in and assist in solving problems and defeating villains in the Battledome.
Plot elements
Neopets plots have certain recurring elements.

News updates
Significant plot developments are released with and generally referred to in the New Updates section of the site.

Plots usually have a storyline that is released in a comic-style format. In addition, players may be required to interact with characters in the plot (by clicking on them) in order to gain more information.

Wars and Battledome
Since the introduction of the Battledome, an arena where Neopets players can test their pets' skills against other players' pets or against a set of predetermined game opponents, Neopets has released several war plots. A war begins with the appearance of a recruiting area, where interested players may sign up. If a player does not sign up in time, he or she will not be able to participate in war battles. Some plots have offered a choice of sides for which to fight, while others have not had more than one option. The last plot to be called a war (the Maraqua War of 2005) also included a "supporter" option, where players were asked to provide items such as weapons or healing items to the army, or to earn battle points by playing certain games.

Shortly after the recruiting centre is made available, the war itself will begin. Regular one-player Battledome opponents are no longer available, stealing items no longer work, and war-specific opponents will appear, often in "waves" or by difficulty ranking, with the weakest first. A "war boss" with the major villain or monster is often the final battle. A war will end the moment the boss is defeated by a user. Points are awarded for victories, again possibly in relation to the enemy's rank or the player pet's abilities; recent wars have endeavoured to allow weaker pets the option to contribute by earning more points for the weaker opponents, which are unavailable to stronger players.

Battledome opponents are incorporated into plots that are not strictly wars, as well. As with wars, the usual single-player opponents are replaced with one or more opponents that are relevant to the plot. Players are scored based on number of defeats or, in the case of the most powerful opponents, on the amount of damage inflicted towards the opponent's eventual defeat.

Unlike Battledome exercises, puzzle elements test the intelligence and skills of the players. Some require players to work in tandem, while others must be solved individually, as the specific solution will vary by player. Solutions have included clicking on certain areas of image maps in a particular order, identifying clues in source code, purchasing items from particular shops, and solving riddles that were in areas specific to the plot, such as digging graves in Neovia and moving sand in the Lost Desert.

Plot conclusions
When a plot is completed, prizes are dispersed based on user participation level. These prizes may include but are not limited to items found during the course of the plot, awards, medals, trophies (which appear on the users user lookup and display rank or points earned), avatars for use in the chat board and site themes that replace the traditional Neopets site theme. In recent plots, The Neopets Team implemented a Prize Redemption Center where users can redeem their points for an assortment of prizes based on how many points were scored.

The Virtupets Plot
This plot, featuring the Space Faerie, was based on the quest to save the Space Faerie from Dr. Sloth who attempted to conquer Neopia by turning everyone into mutants. Dr. Sloth led his assault from the Virtupets Space Station (seen orbiting Neopia.) During this plot, transmogrification potions, which is a potion to turn pets into mutated versions of themselves, were introduced. As there was no Battledome at that time, player participation was limited to adopting Grundos to release the Space Faerie. Began August 16, 2000 and ended August 25, 2000.

Comic can be viewed here

The Hunt For The Battledome
This plot, whose links disappeared with Maraqua's destruction (see below), involved Sarkis the Blumaroo, Buckley the Wocky (a pet of Neopets founder Donna), and Ursulla the Usul. These pets were capsized by Chiazilla off the shores of Mystery Island while looking for an Acara professor who knew the secrets of the then-nonexistent Battledome. This led to the discovery of the underwater city of Maraqua, and the professor, who lived there. Dr. Sloth attempted to wrest control of the Battledome by kidnapping the professor and releasing Mechachiazilla on the city, but was thwarted by a rescue mission by the heroes and the inevitable Chiazilla attack. This was one of two plots with no player involvement.

The Tyrannian Invasion
Beginning on April 5, 2001, the Tyrannian Invasion plot introduced Tyrannia, which was soon consumed by war between the Tyrannian villages (Lead by the Tyrannian Army) against the Chia Bombers, 1000 Tyrannian Buzz, 100 Grarrl Battlemasters, and the Monoceraptor. The Monoceraptor was defeated by a heroic Lupe. When this plot was finished, the Tyrannian Plateau and Tyrannian Jungle were introduced. Began March 20, 2001 and ended May 10, 2001.

Brucey B and the Lucky Coin
Shortly after the Lost Desert was introduced, Dr. Sloth returned. After stealing Brucey B’s lucky coin, he opened a tomb with his army and got a powerful magical weapon that could curse Neopians and cause mass destruction. Brucey B. defeated him by destroying the weapon. This plot had a war. Began June 12, 2001 and ended July 10, 2001.

Daily plot events found here.

In this plot, the King of Sakhmet was killed. Players had to find out who had which bad habit, who ate which food, who had how many servings, and who killed the king.

It can be viewed here

The Hunt for the Crown
This is the second Lost Desert mystery plot. Malkus Vile and his Meerca henchmen had stolen Coltzan’s crown. This is archived on the site. This plot had no war. Began July 17, 2001 and ended July 19, 2001.

The unveiling of Coltzan’s Shrine can be found here.

The crown solution can be viewed here.

A Curse on Maraqua
This plot followed the invasion and destruction of Maraqua by a skeleton Kiko named Captain Dread. Maraqua was temporarily replaced with a whirlpool and then to ruins. Began August 17, 2001 and ended August 23, 2001. Following The Curse of Maraqua Plot (part 2), the Maraquans beat the pirates, allowing them to refurbish their old city.

The flash movie for the plot can be found here.

The first eyewitness report can be found here.

The final eyewitness report can be found here.

Neopets Version 2
One of Sloth's old programs, wanting friends, traps a group of four students on an elevator in the Virtupets Space Station forcing them to play games or else. They are eventually freed. Began October 5, 2001 and ended October 9, 2001.

The NPV2 movies can be found here.

The solution can be found here.

Champions of Meridell
Among Neopian lands, Meridell has had the most wars on record, at two. The first was a dispute between Lord Darigan and King Skarl, long after Meridellian forces forcibly took an orb from Lord Darigan's kingdom that would provide prosperity for its owner. While Meridell developed into the thriving land today, the Darigan territory was left to degenerate, and diseases mutated the residents. Lord Darigan's army won the battle against the Meridell Defenders (users could choose whom to support between the two forces), but when Darigan regained the orb, he went mad with power. Both sides realized that he had to be stopped. Finally, The Spectre of Lord Darigan was defeated by all Neopians teaming up and working together, but the pet Majal_Kita delivered the finishing blow (in the plot, however, Darigan's downfall seems to be attributed to Jeran and Kass). Both sides (each led by Master Vex and King Skarl) still thirsted for power, however, and desired the Orb that Darigan had left behind. Before either side could claim it, it gave a flash of light and split in half.

One important character in Champions of Meridell (the first Meridell war) was the Blue Lupe, Sir Jeran Borodere. Jeran was Meridell's champion knight, and the main character of both Meridell plots. When he and his sister Lisha the Aisha were young, they were playing a game of Hide and Seek in the castle ruins. Jeran tripped over a root and was transported three hundred years into the past. Years later, when Lisha was older, she saw her brother's picture in a museum. Encouraged by this picture, she went to search for the brother she had lost so long ago. When they arrived at the castle, they were about to start a search for any clues, but this proved unnecessary, as Lisha's toy wand was much more powerful than anyone could have expected, and they wound up in the middle of Meridell, with all its sinister plots and quests for power. Lisha was reunited with her brother, now over twenty years old and stronger than ever.

This plot began July 23, 2002 and ended April 28, 2003.

Movie archive can be found here.

Final score can be found here.

Mystery Island Plot
An early mystery plot in which encouraged players to find clues leading to the disappearance of several important Mystery Island figures and the activities of the volcano. Began October 23, 2003 and ended November 18, 2003.

Solution can be found here.

Green Jelly Plot
This plot featured Jelly World, which is claimed to be non-existent by staff members as a joke. On June 12, 2003, it was written in the New Features that Petpets were disappearing. If you went to the Giant Green Jelly in Jelly World at this time, it showed the missing Petpets eating the jelly. More Petpets disappeared until June 23, 2003, when all the Petpets returned. This was one of two plots that had no player involvement, besides the missing Petpets.

Battle for Meridell
Only a few years after the first war, Meridell was once again forced to raise arms against Darigan. A new leader, by the name of General Kass, sowed the seeds of war and rallied Darigan's troops against Meridell. By using emotional propaganda, he misled most of the Darigan Citadel's civilians into believing that Skarl would start another conflict and persuaded them to perform a sneak attack before Meridell could. Kass sent a court dancer to the King, and the dancer's performances hypnotized some Meridellians into attacking their fellow countrymen. Others were simply too delusional to do anything. Lisha played what could be called a vital role in the plot by casting a spell to stop the Court Dancer's scheme. After this had been dealt with, Meridell still had to deal with a ground attack from Kass' War Machines.

The champion Meridell Knight, Jeran, realized that Kass had made a serious tactical error. Due to Kass putting a full effort into a ground invasion, the Citadel was completely vulnerable to an aerial assault. Jeran quickly assembled a strike force consisting of himself and his finest knights to launch a surprise attack directly against the Citadel, hoping to end the war.

During this time, Lord Darigan, well thought to be dead, was living in a Meri Acres barn, and he was in tatters physically and mentally. However, when Kass's army started to advance to Meridell and attacked the farm where he was staying, the mention of his name by some of the surprised men caused him to regain his memory. After saying farewell to his caretaker, a young Usul named Sally (no known relation to the Usuki collector), he left for the Citadel, regretting how he had ruled before. When he arrived, Kass was startled by Darigan's sudden re-appearance, believing the former ruler to be deceased. Nevertheless, Kass attempted to finish him off once and for all and the two leaders engaged in a heated duel atop the Citadel.

Eventually, Kass soon died by succembing to Ambition, Greed, and Revenge (personified as “The Three”, a group made up of a Faerie whose type is unknown, though she does not have the wings of a Dark Faerie, a skeletal Skeith, and a ghostly Gelert) that were controlling him. After Kass' death at the hands of The Three, Lord Darigan once again made peace between his people and those in Meridell.

There is debate about the role that each of the children from the future played in this war and whether any of them had the power to change history. Lisha broke the Court Dancer's spell over the kingdom of Meridell. Kayla opened a potions shop, and brewed a potion to make Turtums (giant turtles with armoured shells resembling tanks) grow hundreds of times their size and able to be used as war mounts, which proved vital when defending Meridell against Kass' War Machines.

Meanwhile, Morris and Boris, by drinking special potions, teleported up to the Citadel during the final battle with Lord Kass, and it was in rescuing them that Sir Jeran was knocked off the Citadel and fell. While these actions certainly could have changed the past, it is uncertain whether Neopets' form of time travel would allow for the change, or if Meridell is still doomed to destruction, as predicted by the Neopedia article about the Destruction of Meridell.

This plot began on February 2, 2004 and ended on May 1, 2004.

Comic can be found here.

The War Room can be found here.

The Return of Dr. Sloth
A cancelled plot that was supposedly going to explain why the purple coloured Neopets have various spots of Orange on them. It was also destined to be a double-sided war plot. It was scrapped because of lack of time. It was made reference to in the game "The Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth" and it was claimed that the plot would never be revived.

As a joke, the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot was given a fake ending where characters from this plot came in wanting revenge for its cancellation. The ending was changed within a few hours, which allowed only a few members to witness it.

The plot was finally released in 2008, albeit with several significant differences in the character design.

Hannah and the Ice Caves
Features Hannah, a Usul, who is tricked by the thief Kanrik into going into the Ice Caves. In her search, she discovers Armin, the Bori, a new species to Neopia at the time. The Bringer of Night is released by Kanrik and attempts to destroy everything. War was waged, the Bringer was destroyed and the Bori were thawed. Began October 21, 2004 and ended December 22, 2004, just in time for Christmas.

A fake ending was up for a few hours in which the characters from the cancelled "Return of Dr. Sloth" Plot came in and complained about their plot being cancelled. It was only up for a few hours, however.

Comic available here.

The Guildmaster’s Dinner viewable here. The Guildmaster’s Dinner was cancelled shortly after the conclusion of the plot.

Curse of Maraqua
After Maraqua had been rebuilt and the whirlpool has calmed, Scarblade, an evil Lupe captain, set out to destroy it again. The plot centred around an eighteen-year-old Usul pirate named Garin and a future-seeing Maraquan Aisha girl named Isca, who sees into the future though her dreams while sleeping. She also seems to have a bit of a crush on Garin, constantly wanting him to stay with her for protection. Jacques the Kyrii and Isca's twin sister Caylis, who also can see into the future while sleeping, but in her nightmares, also played major roles in Garin's attempt to gain revenge on Captain Scarblade, and later protect Maraqua from the crazed Lupe. Purely a war, Neopets players who chose to participate were required to either assist Garin in his attack on Scarblade and his minions or join Scarblade to fight against the Maraquans, in order to receive points for prizes. During this plot, Scurvy Island was supposed to be released but was given up because of its similarity to Krawk Island. Began March 15, 2005 and ended June 10, 2005.

There was some confusion while the plot was taking place about Chapter 2 of the story. In it, a Gelert groom and Usul bride can be glimpsed, about to get married, for a single frame. Some people think that it could be Kanrik and Hannah from the previous HatIC plot, but this has been officially denied in an editorial in an issue of the Neopets magazine.

* Garin and Jacques have cameos in different panels of the first chapter of Journey to the Lost Isle--Garin can be seen when Roxton and Professor Fairweather enter the tavern, Jacques when Professor Fairweather and Roxton are bribing Captain Rourke.

Comic can be found here.

The Lost Desert Plot
Affectionately known as the LDP by many, the Lost Desert Plot featured a Kyrii by the name of Prince Jazan who comes from the ancient kingdom of Qasala. Jazan comes to Sakhmet in order to marry Princess Amira (the elder sister of Princess Vyssa from the Siege of Sakhmet and Search for the Crown plots) so he might save his city. When Amira refuses, he causes Sakhmet to fall into another dimension and Sakhmet disappears off the world map. Sakhmet returns when Jazan marries Nabile, a cousin of Amira’s and a main character of the plot along with Tomos. This marriage only occurs after a long series of complex puzzles as well as a few battles and is followed by the release of Razul on the Lost Desert who attempts to destroy it but it beaten back by Neopian Battledomers. This plot is famous for the sheer complexity of its puzzle (which caused many to quit participating in the plot) and the fact that it introduced Qasala to the Neopian world. It is also remarkable because of the way Neopians banded together to solve the plot in groups on the chat boards and shared solutions like never before. Began August 30, 2005 and ended November 30, 2005. In a poll released by TNT, it showed that a majority either (1) could not find the way to begin the plot/didn't know of it until it ended or (2) got lost in the Temple of 1000 Tombs when it ended.

Comic can be viewed here.

The Darkest Faerie or Altador Mystery Plot
The newest mini-plot/mystery that started March 18, and has been completely finished, but it can still be completed, as of January 24, 2008. This plot does not contain a war and is a puzzle based on the discovery of Altador (discovered March 27, 2006) and its history and is a "mini-plot" and is not as involved. So far (as of March 21, 2006), the quester is required to plot star constellations on a star map obtained through a series of hidden links. This plot features characters from the PlayStation 2 game "The Darkest Faerie" including the King, the Darkest Faerie and other characters. It also features a Yurble janitor that appears to be the foreman from the Lost Desert plot. Again, groups of players have banded to solve the plot together, like never before, with incredible cooperation. This plot concluded on the 3rd of June 2006, having destroyed 'The Betrayer's' statue.

Prizes were released on September 15, 2006. The prizes include 5,000 Neopoints (the currency for Neopia), a trophy, a sidebar theme, and four items. The items were a Club President Super Plushie, The Way Windmills Work, Set of Four Commemorative Punch Club Pie Plates, and a Hall of Heroes Play Set. Many Neopets users showed anger at the fact that everybody got the same prizes. On the other hand, the Neopets team repeatedly reminded users that Altador was a mini-plot with mini-prizes. To get prizes, one had to have completed the entire puzzle. On September 16, a new avatar was released along with a random item worth between 1000 and 3000 Neopoints, and if someone who had completed the plot visited the King of Altador every day afterwards, they would receive another random item. This plot is open.

The puzzles in this particular plot are somewhat more difficult that the average Neopets plot, as it includes several instances of using math far beyond the level of younger players.

The Cyodrake's Gaze
During August, 2006 (The Month of Hiding, Year 8, in Neopian time), the image of a single pirate ship named the Cyodrake's Gaze was added to the Krawk Island map. The ship's crew consists of pets appearing to be from an Asian-themed world, called Shenkuu. Captain Tuan, a Blue Gnorbu, is the captain of the ship. Kentari, a Yellow Shoyru, is the weapons master. Chef Bonju, an Orange Blumaroo, is the ship's chef. Linae, a Pink Kougra, is a crew member who likes to play Kou Jong, a game based on Mahjong. Shumi, a Green Scorchio, is the first mate. Orrin, a red Nimmo, is in charge of inventory aboard the ship. Anshu, an elderly Brown Ruki, is the ship's doctor. Hoban, a Yellow Aisha, is the lost navigator of the ship.

According to the Adobe Flash plot comic, the ship lost their navigator, Hoban, in a storm, causing them to become lost. The captain thinks that someone pushed Hoban overboard. After the loss of Hoban, the Cyodrake's Gaze has been sailing Neopia, searching for him. At the end of the plot, the ship had made appearances (chronologically) in Krawk Island, Mystery Island, Faerieland, the Lost Desert, and last in Mystery Island again. Upon arrival in Faerieland, the captain informs readers that the ship can fly, so there is seemingly no Neopian place that is out of bounds for the ship. When it appeared in Mystery Island for the second time, the final chapter was released. The plot is now revealed to be a logic puzzle, where users must figure out a variety of things related to Hoban's disappearance.

Leading up to September 8th, 2006, which is when Hoban was found and his homeworld of Shenkuu was 'discovered', players were allowed to fill out a form on the site, inputting their answers to such questions as "Who pushed Hoban overboard?" and "When was Hoban pushed overboard?". In the end, prizes were given based on how many questions the user had correct.

Prizes included items, a trophy, and a site theme.

Linae can be seen arm wrestling with someone who appears to look like Bruno from the Tale of Woe in Journey to the Lost Isle-In the same panel as you can see Jacques from the Curse of Maraqua.

The Tale of Woe
The Tale of Woe plot tells the story of the colonial style city of Neovia as it fell victim to a curse caused by an evil potion. The plot began on October 2 and ended on November 20.

The tale begins with Gilly (an Usul from the Castle of Eliv Thade game) stopping to listen to a story in a Gypsy camp in the Haunted Woods. The Gypsy tells her of the lost town of Neovia, whose citizens were tempted by greed into buying a magic potion that would supposedly grant all their wishes, but in reality distorted them until they became twisted abominations. This resulted in Sophie (From Neopets: The Darkest Faerie PS2 game) to be sent with her brother, Bruno, into the Haunted Woods. Being the only one free from the effects of the potion, Sophie is taken in by Ilere, an Earth Faerie, who takes her into the Haunted Woods.

During the first stage, users needed to find an old locket and interview various residents of the Deserted Fairgrounds in the Haunted Woods. On October 9, the first chapter began with Gilly being chased off by Sophie and taking shelter in a cave, which begins the second stage. The cave is a puzzle that requires users to move different objects around to trap a monster. This "monster" is the mutated Bruno, who has been living in the cave. This led to the third comic released on October 14, where both Bruno explained his escape from the mob, while Sophie tells of what happened with Ilere (who just gave her a chest full of magic items), and found out the curse that fell upon Neovia: its citizens had become zombie-like ghosts that appear only during Halloween. Believing that this is what was done by the Spirit of the Slumber, they decide to search for Ilere deep into the woods. This is the beginning of the third stage, in which users collect numerous items and solve puzzles, such as the finding and use of vines and Meepits, in order to reach the Earth Faerie.

In chapter four, released on October 17, Sophie, Gilly, and Bruno finally find Ilere, the Earth Faerie, and ask for help in order to reverse the curse on the town of Neovia. In Chapter five, released October 19, the three adventurers begin searching for the Spirit of Slumber, whose "cure" of the potion's effects has left the citizens of Neovia in an unknowing, ghostlike state. The Spirit of Slumber's bones were found by the Neopets user Heavenest after many people helped dig up graves, test bones, and fetch potion ingredients (the fifth and sixth stages of the plot involved great interaction between users, e.g. four users taking turns to dig up a grave). On October 25, the sixth stage was released. During this stage, players are to mark off the graves that do not belong to the Spirit of Slumber. The stage ended on October 27, with the name of the Spirit of Slumber being revealed as Jubart Igig.

The dialogue at the end of the sixth stage currently has many users excited. In the end, Gilly remarks that the name of the Spirit of Slumber might possibly be an anagram. This has led many people to believe that an upcoming plot step will feature Eliv Thade (a Kacheek who deals with anagrams) in some way, as that is where Gilly was first from on the site.

On October 28, the seventh step was released. This step involved testing several potion ingredients to create a potion to allow Bruno's body to be inhabited by the Spirit of Slumber so the curse could be lifted. This required three potions to be made by a user until the third one was shown as a cliffhanger. In the eighth chapter, the potion is revealed to have worked, and Bruno becomes possessed by the Spirit of Slumber. Sophie and Gilly follow him to Neovia where he undoes the spell and restores the townspeople. However, before long, just after Sophie, Bruno and Gilly celebrate, it is shown that the potion all the townspeople drank still retains its effects. The townspeople quickly mutate beyond their original disfigurement, turning into greatly twisted and monstrous creatures. Sophie flees and Bruno and Gilly are left before the beasts calling after her.

On November 1, chapter nine was released. It shows the Krawk (Mr. Krawley), who sold them the potions in the first place, showing up. Bruno glances at him and he quickly departs. As Bruno holds back the enraged townspeople, Gilly chases after Mr. Krawley into the graveyard, shortly thereafter the gravestones come to life and menace Gilly. There is also some battling now (against the "Sentient Stones" and some trees, and some zombies.), hinting at a war. On November 8, Chapter 12 was released, involving players to make composites out of potions.

The next part of the plot had Sophie mix composites. Sophie had never done this spell and knew the measurements but not the ingredients. The player had to crush, soak, burn, or desiccate an ingredient until it had the correct number of conjuring, power etc. There were four potions players had to go through. Once done there was another step.

To start the step the player had to go to Meepit Oaks Sanatorium for the Psychologically Fragile. There players would have to find five journal pages, a lamp, two keys, a shovel, and a bone. There were four different hallways each one had four out of six doors go nowhere. There was also a courtyard. This was one of the hardest steps besides the previous one.

On November 17, Chapter 14 of the comic was released, along with a new One-Player Plot Battledome opponent, Mayor Thumburt. For this part of the plot, users have to battle against Mayor Thumburt until he loses all of his hitpoints. However, users have to work together in order to lower his hit points, similar to Lord Kass at the end of the Battle for Meridell plot. In addition, he comes in three forms - normal mayor form (10,000 HP), large form (100,000 HP) and HUGE form (1,000,000 HP).

The final part of the comic was released on November 20. We see that Sophie decides to leave, and Bruno cannot revert into his original form, while the rest of the town goes back to normal. It is unknown how long prizes will take to be awarded, but Neopets stated that they would tally everyone's scores starting in the week beginning November 27. Then on December 1 Neopets released a statement that they have divided the plot up and have assigned a script to tally the points.

After a several-month interlude, plot prizes for the Tale of Woe were released on March 1, 2007, in the news update for March 2. The prizes that could be redeemed for their accumulated points at Sophie's Shack included Ghost Paint Brushes, new books, Battledome items, and more. This is similar to The Lost Desert Plot.

;Plot links
* Flash Comic
* Solution Page
* Prize Shop

Journey to the Lost Isle

This Neopian plot/puzzle began on April 30, 2007. On the first day, users had to complete a deck cleaning puzzle. This consisted of taking random items (including brooms, anchors, etc.) and arranging them perfectly in a square, like Tangrams. There were three different levels of increasing difficulty. On the second day, players were able to fight the Ravenous Monster in the battledome. Then, there was a puzzle where you must match up ring symbols much like the Time Tunnel game on Neopets. Like the puzzle before, this puzzle had three levels. After that, players could defeat another monster, The Monstrous Moach. On May 23, Chapter 5 gets released. And the next day, May 24 , the next step gets released. The next step is to rebuild the ship. You have to find the items to rebuild the ships. The items are in a forest maze (similar to ToW's maze). Once the ship has been repaired, the cartoon and journal of Mad Tongue Murphy reveal that a horde of monstrous petpetpets is attacking. You then go to the battledome and fight three evil-looking petpetpets simultaneously. Since their weapons and endurance points are relatively advanced, only the bravest and best-equipped warriors have succeeded in defeating them thus far.

The comic currently has seven chapters and is now said to be over. However under the Coming Soon bar on the site, one feature is named "A Mysterious Voyage Continues". According to the NeoBoards, the Journey to the Lost Isle plot was originally named 'A Mysterious Voyage'. It is said to be on hold to make way for the Altador Cup, an event that resembles the FIFA world cup where teams from different Neopian worlds compete in a game called Yooyuball. From the recent NT Editorial (Issue 296), it seems that the plot may actually be over.

On July 6th, the plot prizes were released, as well as the solution. According to a recent Neopedia article on one of the characters, it is stated that the professor is planning another expedition to the island.

;Plot links
* Journal
* Flash Comic
* Prize Shop
* Plot Solution

Return of Dr. Sloth
This plot was originally set to be released in 2004, but was cancelled because of lack of time, and the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot was released instead. In January 2008, the Return of Dr. Sloth plot was finally released. So far there are two characters from the Neopets Trading Card Game, Gorix the Grundo and a Cybunny Scout.

On January 29, 2008, the first puzzle step was released for the plot. The puzzle featured Gorix, and the user had to control turntable pads in the maintenance tunnels in order to guide Gorix to the exit. There were five puzzles in all. Once all five steps were completed, the user was shown a "To Be Continued_" sign.

The plans in 2004 included revealing why Neopets painted purple have orange spots, and having a war in which users could pick one of two sides to fight with. It is unknown if this will still be included.

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