Sardar Ibrahim Khan Mungrani: Famous Chief of Abro Tribe who got Shahadat in the War with Nadir Shah of Iran (1739) his tomb situated near the city of Bhag as "Dargah Brhim Khan".
Sardar Haider Khan Mungrani: He was the only Chief Sardar of Balochistan who denied the title from the Britishers. It has had been the practice of the Chieftains to seek title from the invaders. Through which they exploited and slaved the people of the land at the mercy and will of the aliens. But he took a stand not to receive a title and put his people under the foreign Yoke maitioned by Charles Napier in his biography.
Sardar Nawab Khan Mungarni: (1885AD - 1935AD) He was ideologically like his elders (anti establishment) but non political.However He had very and cardial personal relations with "Maulana Ubaidullah Sindhi", "Mahatama Gandhi","Maulana Mohd. Ali Johar", "Mirza Qaleech Baig". He was sent to Andaman Island Kalapani in 1931 - 1933.
Sardar Ayub Khan Mungrani: (1905AD - 1984AD) He was recognised by the Tribal Chiefs as the "Custodian of the Jirgas".
Arbab Khan Mungrani: (1922AD - 1985AD)He is known as one of the pioneers of mechanised agriculture in Upper Sindh and Baluchistan.
Sardar Nadir ALi Khan Mungrani: He was a very kind person he was the Chief Of Abro Tribe from Sindh to Balochistan..
Sardar Babar Ali Khan Mungrani:he is now Chief of Abro Tribe he is son of SArdar Nadir Ali khan Mungrani and grandson of Sardar Ayoub Khan Mungrani
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