Million Dads March Network

Million Dads March Network is an American associated Network for the MillionDadsMarch website. It was created by Thomas Lessman and Gregory Romeo in 2002 and seeks to establish a network of activists and advocates for the parental rights of fathers on a state-by-state, national, and international basis, and to provide information for people seeking knowledge of the difficulties faced in divorce/custody situations in the US and the world.

The Network also acts as a tool to help activists connect with advocates and organizations in their state or nation, and gives them a network to communicate, share information, and coordinate activities with other activists and organizations in their area. Network participants thus work together in order to formulate solutions to issues presented and share information in the fight to maintain the father-child bond and relationships, in post divorce circumstances, as well as to assist in the prevention of suicide.

The Network provides tools for a wide range of reform efforts, family rights issues, and political philosophies. The mission is for participants to communicate and network with others within their legislative region in order to prevent or repeal legislation that is destructive to the father-child and family relationships, responsibilities, growth, opportunities and nurturing of their children. The network also helps people demand full accountability of those elected leaders and government agencies that violate the most fundamental of civil rights of divorcing Fathers and children. The Network openly encourage men of all ages, races, and backgrounds to become actively involved. Members include fathers (both custodial and non-custodial), as well as grandparents, step-parents, brothers, and anyone else whom is ready to work towards solving the issues created by the family crisis.

In June 2003, the Million Dads March Network sponsored a series of worldwide events that took place in several state capitals in the United States, as well as in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, Jamaica, Canada, Mexico, and Germany.

Participating organizations include ACFC-KS,, Parents Without Rights, Shattered Men, the Indiana Civil Rights Council, and other state-based organizations in the United States, as well as Papa Seperati in Spain, the Italian Million Dads March, and other organizations on an international level. The Million Dads March Network works also closely with organizations like Parents Without Rights, the American Coalition of Fathers and Children, Citizens Against Paternity Fraud, and Fathers for Justice, as well as the NANCM (National Alliance of Non-Custodial Mothers) and others. The Million Dads March Network is also a sponsor of the Uniform Parental Rights Enforcement and Protection Act.

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1. 12-10-2010 18:03
my son Joshua Bacon is trying to start a fathers rights march in St. Charles Parish, La. where his wife took his child and refused to return her to the home state where they were living.Two attorneys and $10,000 later my son had to represent himself. There was and is a lot of dirty dealing on his now ex-wife and her family's part. Her family has association with the police. His ex-wife came clean with my son a couple of months ago and admitted that her family is friends with the judge in his family custody case. He needs help organizing a march and drawing attention to fathers rights
2. 13-01-2012 03:57
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3. 16-09-2012 10:25
What a pleasure to find someone who thinks trhough the issues
4. 08-08-2014 16:35
i am fight like cats and dog to see my kids i have had two lawyer and getting no where it is court order that i have them everyother weeked and since i moved 2 hours away she dont let me see them i pay child surport what else can i do

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