Mike Linger

Michael "The Northside Norseman" Linger (born Michael Jay Linger. 05/23.89) is a professional mixed martial arts fighter. He was born in the small town of Menagha, Minnesota, on May 23, 1989. Linger is currently 5-1 in his professional career.
Early life
Michael Linger spent his youth switching among various sports, including karate, boxing, wrestling, submission wrestling, and football. He reportedly held an amateur record of 23-10 in boxing, and 12-4 in grappling contests. He then went on to wrestle professionally for a bunch of smaller companies.
Mixed martial arts career
Michael Linger took his first fight, and signed up to fight Zak Jensen of future The Ultimate Fighter and Bellator fame. Linger took this fight on 3 weeks notice, with no prior training. It took Zak only 12 seconds to send Linger out cold down to the canvas.
Since then Linger has went on a five fight winning streak, with all of his victories coming in the first round. There has been some criticism of Linger, in that although he has won 5 fights in a row, he's faced less than average opponents, in less than respectable promotions.
Linger has stated a potential dissire to drop down to fight at Light Heavyweight, in the future.
Win(5-1) v.s Yuri Sariov, 1:52 TKO(Punches and Elbows), Genesis Championship Fighting 04/15/11, Macon, Georgia
Win(4-1) v.s Michael Reiter, 3:23 Submission(Rear Naked Choke), Chaos Fighting Championship LIVE 01/22/2010, Lincoln, Nebraska
Win(3-1) v.s James Smith, 1:34 KO(Punch), Supreme Extreme Fighting 12/18/2009, Cedar Falls, Iowa
Win(2-1) v.s Tom Taylor, 2:45 Submission(Rear Naked Choke), Cage Fighting LIVE 10/16/2009, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Win(1-1) v.s Matt Harrison, 2:02 TKO(punches), Genesis Fight Night 08/21/2009, Akron, Ohio
Loss(0-1) v.s Zak Jensen, :12 TKO(punches), Brutaal Fight Night 9/5/2008, Maplewood, Minnesota

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