Mayan edms

Mayan EDMS is an Free/Libre document management system that is designed to handle and share documents within an organization. Mayan EDMS can be described as an electronic document repository, but since Mayan EDMS is file format agnostic the word document not restricted to mean just text documents, but videos and audio files too. Mayan EDMS is a web-based document management application, so a web browser is needed to use it (although a specialized mobile client is in the design phase). Current web browsers that have been tested for compatibility include: Firefox, Google Chrome. Mayan EDMS also has a community of volunteers and contributors that help improve the software and help new users get the most out of it . Mayan EDMS is %100 free (no cost), free (no restrictions), Open Source software. Unlike other DMS software, there are no feature limited 'community editions' or paid 'commercial editions', all functionality is available in just one version . To still provide commercial support but to avoid conflicts of interest with the openness of the project, a worldwide network of 3rd party service and support provides is forming around Mayan EDMS . The fact that Mayan EDMS is an Open Source project or that is managed by one main developer doesn't mean that it a small or simple project, as of May 15, 2012 the development branch had 21,035 lines of code , an extensive documentation and big installations such as the one in Puerto Rico's main permit agency which houses 21,849 documents totaling 35,439 pages of documents as of May 15, 2012.
Mayan EDMS started as a simple project whose only requirement was the storage of PDF files for a government agency transitioning to an all electronic registration process, from there it has grown into a complete electronic document management solution ideal but not limited for small to mid size organizations.
Mayan EDMS is coded as multitiered architecture web-based application where most functionality is abstracted and can be migrated to different physical computers, as such Mayan EDMS support clustering and scalable SaaS installations out of the box. Mayan EDMS is written in Python using the Django framework, which makes it very agile and fast, specially when compared with existing Java based solutions. Much attention is put to ensure Mayan EDMS is based on patent free, Open source technologies, to provides legal safety to users and organizations, as well as peace of mind as documents and all related information are stored in open source and transparent formats allowing portability and avoiding vendor lock-in.
Mayan EDMS source code is distributed free of charge under the GNU GPLv3.
General features
* Document versioning - Store many versions of the same document, download or revert to a previous version.
* Electronic signature verification - Check the authenticity of documents by verifying their embedded cryptographic signatures or upload detached signatures for document signed after they were stored.
* Multi-language support - English, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Portuguese with more languages being added each version.
* Collaboration tools - Discuss documents, comment on new version of a document.
* Office document format support - Full image preview and content extraction of word processing files, spreadsheets, and presentations using LibreOffice in server mode.
* User defined metadata fields and meta data sets - Metadata fields can be grouped into sets per technical, legal or structural requirements such as the Dublin core
* User defined document unique identifier and checksum algorithms - Administrators can alter the default method used to uniquely indentify documents.
* Roles support - Users can create an unlimited amount of different roles and are not restricted to the traditional admin, operator, guest paradigm.
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