Ludovic Le Moan

Ludovic Le Moan is a French businessman, CEO of Sigfox, an IoT network provider. Before Sigfox, Ludovic Le Moan headed several French businesses, such as Goojet and Anywhere Technologies.
Le Moan graduated with a certificat d'aptitude professionnelle (CAP) in woodturning, and later from the École nationale supérieure d'informatique et de mathématiques appliquées de Grenoble with an engineering degree.
Being termed the "100 million man", Ludovic Le Moan co-founded SIGFOX, and has been its Chief Executive Officer since December 2010. In December 2015, Le Moan was named Le Monde Informatique IT personality of the year, together with Gilles de Richemond.
Together with Christophe Fourtet, Le Moan co-founded Sigfox, based in Toulouse, in 2009, the goal of which is to provide the infrastructure and capabilities for an IoT network. Specifically, the company provides narrow-band low-energy transmission capabilities (M2M communications) for objects ranging from washing machines to cars. Sigfox coverage in France and Spain is total, via approximately 1300 antennas in each country. As of 2015, the company operates in several countries, and covers an area of over in Europe. The company connects 7 million objects in France alone.
After its most recent round of funding in 2014-2015, which garnered $115 million (after an initial round of €27 million), it has announced its association to Samsung, and plans on going through with an IPO in 2016. Speaking to PCWorld, Le Moan said that he didn't want to spend "that long" for deploying Sigfox in the US mainland, and would therefore build its own network instead of finding a local partner, where they plan to cover "main cities" first. He pointed out that "business will include networking gas, electricity and water meters, security systems, and products used to track pets, bikes and cars."
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