Lost babies

LOST Babies is a series by independent filmmaker David Goodberg of parodical remixes of Muppet Babies cartoons combined with audio from Lost. The first three episodes were uploaded online on March 21, 2009 and immediately drew interest and fans. The episode entitled "Let The Fear In" was featured on Buzz Feed, VideoGum , Flabber , Entertainment Weekly , and The Daily Tube .
* Kermit = Jack Shephard
* Piggy = Kate Austen
* Fozzie = Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes
* Animal = James 'Sawyer' Ford
* Scooter = Jin Kwon
* Skeeter = Sun Kwon
* Rowlf = Charlie Pace
* Gonzo = Sayid Jarrah
* Dr. Bunsen Honeydew = John Locke
* Janice = Juliet Burke
* Bean Bunny = Ben Linus

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