List of types of spiders

Almost 40,000 types of spiders are known to exist.

Tangleweb spiders (Theridiidae)
* Black widow spider
* Latrodectus tredecimguttatus, known as the European or Mediterranean black widow, the Malmignatte spider, or the Karakurt spider
* Redback spider)
* Red katipo and black katipo spiders
* Button spider
* Brown widow spider
* Red widow spider
* Steatoda — a large genus which includes the false black widows
* American house spider

Orb web spiders (Araneidae)

* St Andrew's Cross spider (an Argiope)
* Long-jawed orb weaver, Tetragnathidae
* Cyclosa conica
* Golden silk orb-weaver
* European garden spider
* Australian garden orb weaver spider

Other forms of webs

* Sydney funnel-web spider (Atrax robustus)
* Bowl-and-doily spiders (Linyphiidae)
* Hobo spider (Tegenaria agrestis)
* Grass spiders (Agelenidae)
* Filmy dome spider (Linyphiidae)
* Hackled orb-weaver
* Net-casting spider

Hunting spiders==

* Brazilian wandering spider
* Brown recluse spider
* Huntsman spider
* Jumping spider
* Lynx spider
* Nursery web spider
* Spitting spiders
* Tarantula
* Chinese bird spider
* Wolf spider, Lycosidae
* Yellow sac spider

Spiders which ambush their prey

* Six-eyed sand spider Sicariidae
* Trapdoor spider
* Crab spider, Thomisidae
* Bolas spiders, Araneidae
* Kimura-gumo (Heptathela kimurai, a member of the Family Liphistiomorphae)
* Spruce-fir moss spider, Microhexura montivaga
* Tooth cave spider, Neoleptoneta myopica
* Bird dropping spider, Celaenia excavata

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