List of Krav Maga techniques

This is a list of techniques practiced in Krav Maga, according to the book The Complete Krav Maga by Darren Levine as well as the Krav Maga Dallas-Fort Worth website. There are, of course, many different branches of Krav Maga, each with their own slightly varied curricula.
Krav Maga attempts to simplify fighting and make it more reflexive by introducing only a small number of stances
* neutral or passive stance: yellow belt
* fighting stance: yellow belt
* back position on the ground: yellow belt
* side position on the ground: yellow belt
* bobbing and weaving: orange belt
Punches are highly emphasized in Krav Maga as basic strikes which are useful in almost any situation.
* straight punch: yellow belt
* palm heel strike: yellow belt
* eye strike: yellow belt
* throat strike: yellow belt
* low punch: yellow belt
* hammerfist: yellow belt
* hammerfist to the back or side: yellow belt
* vertical/horizontal elbow strikes: yellow belt (There are 7 elbow strikes)
* hook punch: orange belt
* uppercut: orange belt
* inside chop: blue belt
* outside chop: blue belt
* mouth of hand: blue belt
* overhand punch: brown belt
While Krav Maga does use kicks, it focuses on efficient, low-risk kicks. More advanced and risky kicks are taught at high levels, but use of them is discouraged. They are primarily taught so that practitioners are able to recognize them in case they are facing an opponent with a background in kick-heavy martial arts, such as taekwondo.
* groin kick: yellow belt
* offensive front kick: yellow belt
* round kick: yellow belt
* knee strikes: yellow belt
* roundhouse knee strike: yellow belt
* defensive front kick: orange belt
* side kick: orange belt
* back kick: orange belt
* uppercut back kick: orange belt
* back and side kicks with a spin: green belt
* heel kick: green belt
* inside and outside slap kicks: green belt
* inward angle knee strike: green belt
* axe kick: blue belt
* spinning heel and slap kicks: blue belt
* sweeping techniques: blue belt
* switch kicks: brown belt
Head Strikes
Krav Maga uses all of the tools available, including the head. All uses of the head are covered at the green belt level.
Blocking techniques
Krav Maga practitioners are taught to go from defending to attacking as quickly as possible, and most blocking techniques are designed to facilitate this.
* 360 degree defenses: yellow belt
* inside defense against a straight punch: yellow belt
* straight punch defense with counterattacks: orange belt
* defenses against a hook punch: orange belt
* defense against an uppercut: orange belt
* defenses against a front kick: orange belt
* defenses against a low round kick: orange belt
* defenses against 1-2 punches: green belt
* outside defenses against a straight punch: green belt
* defenses against a high round kick: green belt
* defenses against a heel kick: blue belt
* defense against a side kick: blue belt
* general defense against a high kick: blue belt
Throws and takedowns
Throws are not covered much in Krav Maga, because the system stresses staying off of the ground.
* cavaliers (wristlocks): blue belt
* one-/two-leg takedown: blue belt
* toe-pick: blue belt
* sacrifice throw: brown belt
* hip throw: brown belt
* one-arm shoulder throw: brown belt
While Krav Maga stresses staying off the ground at all costs, it accepts that you may eventually have no choice but to fight there.
* back position on the ground: yellow belt
* side position on the ground: yellow belt
* front kick from the ground: yellow belt
* side kick from the ground: yellow belt
* round kick from the ground: yellow belt
* getting up: yellow belt
* stripping a foot grab: orange belt
* defenses against punches while mounted: orange belt
* being choked while mounted: orange belt
* trap and roll while mounted: orange belt
* techniques to escape from a guard: orange belt
* in a headlock while mounted: orange belt
* arm bar: green belt
* reversing a guard: green belt
* being choked from the side: green belt
* in a headlock from the side: green belt
* side mount: green belt
* straddled, with wrists pinned: blue belt
* triangle choke: blue belt
* guillotine: blue belt
* in a headlock from behind: blue belt
Gun, knife and stick defenses
In a fight, your opponent may pull out a weapon. Krav Maga details many ways to remove and defend yourself against many common weapon threats. These Krav Maga Techniques include: Gun defense techniques, Knife defense techniques, and blunt striking weapon, such as a stick. This, however, varies with various scenarios at hand.
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