Kimberly Forsythe

Kimberly Forsythe is an American voice actress who performs her roles in video games. She's well known for voicing Michelle Chang and Juila Chang in the Tekken games and for being the Original English voice for Maria Renard in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
Voice roles
Video Games
*Tekken - Michelle Chang (uncredited)
*Tekken 2 - Michelle Chang - Michelle Chang
*Soul Blade - Additional voice
*Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Maria Renard
*Devil Dice - English Narration
*Soul Calibur - Additional voice (uncredited)
*Shenmue - Additional voices
*Bloody Roar 3 - Alice Nonomura
*Shenmue II - Additional voice
*Rygar: The Legendary Adventure - Echidna
*Tekken 4 - Additional voice
*Tekken 5 - Additional voice
*Lunar Knights - Sabata/Perrault

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