Kervin Raymond Madungwe

The history of Kervin Raymond Madungwe

Born on the 27th of December in 1988 in a moderate family , living in the capital city of Media:Zimbabwe and being the first born , Kervin was raised up by both parents ; his father was an electrical and electronics engineer while his mother was a cook of Indian food .
He did very well in school and in secondary school ; with the backup of national and international Science and Technology communities ; Kervin became famous in the technological field of his country . Through television shows , regional presentations , public shows and his educational programes , he made significant developments in the Science and Technology sector . One of his famous technological developments was the traditional cattle kraal alarm with he invented with his team at the age of 15 .
Being the representative of the youth of his country in the S.E.T.A.( Society for Electronics Technology in Africa ) community , the young Kervin excelled much in the region as far as technology could be mentioned .
With the reinforcement of being a great leader at high school ( being the School’s headboy , the Chairman of the Scripture Union , President of the Electronics Dep amomg many other leadership fronts ) ,in 2007 Kervin backed up by his higher school allies , established and headed a youth movement which was politically biased though legally apolitical -Youth Support Network . With assistance from both of the two main opposing political parties , Media:Zanu Pf and Media:M.D.C. , the youth movement yielded a number of youth companies and projects .It was allegedly suspected that Kervin was legally politically neutral due to the risk of being a political victim as the political situation in his country was critical .However , some sources reveal that Kervin made a number of meetings with some of the top political activist in his country . With the political situation intensifying in Zimbabwe in 2008 , the youth movement was finally dragged down and in late 2008 , Kervin left the his country for Media:Cuba where he was to further his technological studies .
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