KanyeToThe is an Internet website founded by the British Admin "Scott." It serves as a forum to discuss hip-hop and indie music. One of the primary services is to cover information and news concerning American rapper, singer, and record producer Kanye West. It also covers other GOOD Music musicians and affiliated artists. The forums consists of multiple sections, ranging from Fashion to Film.
The forum is notable for being responsible for "Fiasco Friday" which lead to the release of the album Lasers. The story was featured on many websites, including CNN. Its also notable for being the very first website to break the track list from Common's album The Dreamer/The Believer. Leaking of the album Cole World: The Sideline Story by J. Cole was traced back to the website, and it considered notorious for being a source of album leaks. KanyeToThe is the 163388th most visited website on the internet overall, with a unique traffic rate of 3000 visitors per day. Tyler, the Creator mentioned the website on Twitter.
The forum was nominated for Best Fan Forum by MTV. It lost to a Michael Jackson forum.

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