Homs 27 February 2012 killings

On 27 February 2012, between 62 and 68 bodies were found in a rural area outside of the Syrian city of Homs.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that 68 bodies were found between the villages of Ram al-Enz and Ghajariyeh and were taken to the central hospital of Homs. The wounds showed that some of the dead were gunned down while others were killed by cutting weapons. The Local Coordination Committees another opposition group, reported that 64 dead bodies were found, all being adult men. These two sources made the hypothesis that the victims were civilians who tried to flee the battle which was raging in the city of Homs and were then killed by a pro governement militia.
However, other activists reported another version of the killings, saying that the victims were Alawites, from the same sect than the president. The bodies were recovered in a pro government areas.

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