Hector Kim

Hector Kim (AKA: H. Kim) is a Korean American photographer, filmmaker, entrepreneur and author.
Kim worked in California as a filmmaker / dot-com entrepreneur. Kim founded Saram, Inc. in the state of California, and created promotional films and online contents for numerous fortune 500 corporate clients including Samsung, Canon and NBC. Kim also founded and managed SaramNet — one of the most notable and trafficked Korean web community portals outside of Korea (Alexa Internet, 2000), which catered to the English-speaking Korean population in North America. His love of travel photography was a natural extension of many years of travels and migrations around the world. Kim is often seen in Europe and East Asia nowadays, working on intercontinental projects.
Kim is an author of PhotoMazing Thailand, a travel photography guidebook based on his multiple photographic journeys to Thailand, and an academic research essay titled South Korean Cinema and Hybridity of East Asian Identity about South Korean cinema and East Asian identity.
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