Hans Stuffer

Hans Stuffer (born December 23, 1993 in São Paulo, Brazil) is an entrepreneur and game developer of Jewish, Brazilian and Swiss descent. He is also the founder and CEO of Geneva based company World's Hero, Inc. In 2016, he developed SuperFranc, a smartphone game, which is one of the most downloaded games in Brazil.
Early life
Stuffer was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1993. His father, Peter Stuffer, is owner of GAW Technologies Company in Austria. Hans studied in Brazil till 2004 and completed his primary education. At age of 15, he moved to Switzerland where he attended École supérieure de commerce, Sierre and completed his education at ETH Zurich. He has been developing software and games at the very early age of 12.
Stuffer incorporated a game development company, World's Hero, Inc in Switzerland and developed Android and iOS based game SuperFranc in early 2016. The game draws attention to reward its players with cash prizes. SuperFranc turned out to be one of the most popular games in South America, especially Brazil, and is one of the most downloaded games of early 2016. Brazil's largest online technology news portal Tecmundo reviewed the game and ranked it among the top downloaded games in Brazil.
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