Generation ucan

Generation UCAN is an American company that produces sports nutrition supplements. The company’s key ingredient SuperStarch was created by GlyGenix Therapeutics, Inc.
The company is based in Woodbridge, Connecticut and is privately held. In 2006 Shoba Murali was named CEO of the company and Peter Kaufman was named Executive Vice President. A young boy named Jonah would have to be tube fed every 2 hours in order to stabilize his blood sugar levels. Jonah’s parents set out to find a cure for their son. They went about raising funding, building awareness, and gathering research about his specific condition. This would eventually lead to a scientific discovery that would completely transform the life of them and their son. This discovery was known as “SuperStarch”. Following this additional discovery, the product underwent extended use clinical trials. It was found that this revolutionary formula could enhance physical performance, weight loss, and enhance well-being. These specific ingredients would go on to be examined by numerous dieticians and researchers. Their objective was to identify a source of energy that maintained human blood sugar levels for the longest period of time possible. SuperStarch was created for this very purpose and is now regarded as a revolutionary energy source. The UCAN Snack Bars come in the flavors Peach Passion, Coffee Bean, Cinnamon Swirl, Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, & a Multi-Flavor Pack. The Special Starter Packs include The Fitness Trial Box, The Multi-Flavor Pack, & The Mebstrong Combo Pack. The UCAN SuperStarch Drink Mix come in the flavors Cocoa Delight, Tropical Orange, Pomegranate-Blueberry, Lemonade, Cranberry-Raspberry, Cinnamon Delight, & Plain.
The company sponsors athletes within the Triathlon, Football, Biking, Running, & Diet/Nutrition space. Some notable athletes are Boston Marathon Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist Meb Keflezighi and American record holder for the 5,000 meter race Dathan Ritzenhein.
In addition to this, the company also sponsors numerous events such as the Boston Marathon, The Navy-Air Force Half Marathon, The Walter Camp Foundation, among others.
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