Garg Brahmin

The Garg Brahmin also known as Guru/Garga/Krishna guard Brahmin are one of the Nepalese Brahmin family lineage and Indian Brahmin caste mainly found in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya pradesh and in Maharashtra among Chitpavan Brahmins. They claim descent from Garga muni (the family priest of lord Shree Krishna family in Dwaper Yuga) and gave Krishna his name. The community were involved solely in the research and analysis of Vedas and other religious texts, performing Yajnas and other religious practices. In Nepal they use surnames like Acharya, Lamichhane, Rijal, Bastola, Bhurtel, Bhetwal, Gajurel, Chudal, etc. In Nepal, Sharma is not a surname but a middle name of all Nepalese Bahun (Brahmin). Most of the middle names are Kumar (boys), Kumari(girls), Prasad, Raj, etc. It is believed the orphans, lost ones or who doesn't know any detail of his/her family are given the middle names only to the Bharmins as their surnames. However, in India, they use surnames like Sharma, Joshi, Garg, Guru, Shukl, Shrimal, Aacharya,Das, Dwivedi, Trivedi etc.
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