Frank E. Bittinger

Frank E. Bittinger' is an international- and bestselling horror author who lives in Cumberland, Maryland. He has been interviewed in newspapers (The Republican, The Cumberland Times-News), magazines (Allegany Magazine), online, and on the radio; his books have been read in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Virgin Islands, as well as other places around the world. The Grantsville native was in the first grade when he read "Bunnicula," a children's book where the bunny is a vampire. That set off his love of horror novels…

"I've written since I was a little kid," he said. "I remember that somebody brought home from the library The Amityville Horror, and I remember reading this book and thinking — why are people scared of this? This is awful. And I tried to rewrite it. That was my first experience that I remember writing.
Writing career
Both of Bittinger’s first two novels have been international-selling books, each placing multiple times on’s Top 100 list. In addition to being international- and top-selling novels, the books placed as Top 10 Finalists in Preditors & Editors Readers Polls in 2006 and 2007.

*Into the Mirror Black (2006)
*Angels of the Seventh Dawn (2007)
*Angels of the Mourning Light (2009)

In 2008, Bittinger also contributed a short story—“Lead Me Into Temptation”--to an anthology titled Sinister Landscapes, which became a top bestseller, reaching number one in the United States and the top 3 in Europe. He was also asked to contribute a poem—“Tonight”—to a poetry collection titled “What’s It All About? Alfie!.” This poetry collection and its contributors have been praised across Europe for their commitment to raising money for Jollity Farm in Cornwall, UK, a farm many unwanted animals now call home and can live out the rest of their lives knowing love and compassion.

There are three more novels in the works for what Bittinger calls his Hexology—a series of six books, his Scarabae Saga:

*Shadows Amongst the Moonlight (2010)
*Illusions of Darkness: The Forbidden (2011)
*In the Lair of the Scarabae (2012)

Interviewed for the October/November issue of Allegany Magazine, Bittinger spoke about the arson fire that damaged his home and destroyed his belongings, as well as taking the lives of several animals he’d rescued, on 28 May 2008. News coverage of the arson fire was covered on television news broadcasts, including WHAG in Hagerstown, MD.

Personal life
Bittinger was born in 1972 in Grantsville, Maryland. He attended Grantsville Elementary School as well as Northern Middle and High Schools. Before the fire which claimed his home and belongings, his personal library consisted of approximately 6,000 books.

Long a friend to animals, Bittinger is a vegetarian and a portion of the proceeds from his books go to helping feed and find homes for abused, neglected, and/or unwanted animals. Over the years, he has been able to find homes for cats, dogs, lizards, birds, squirrels, mice, and hamsters, among others like goats and even fish.

He is a member of the Church of Scientology.
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