Festum Album

Festum Album is a Creative religious holiday beginning on December 26 and ending on January 1. It was created by Rev. John King and added to the liturgical calendar on April 20, 29 AC (2002 CE) by Pontifex Maximus (Emeritus) Matt Hale. The festival celebrates the various attributes of White racial pride over a period of seven days, with a symbolic candle lit each day and the head of the family carrying out complex rituals in which the rest of the family participates.
Color Symbolism
The Festum Album candelabra holds seven candles: Four white, two black, and one red, in the arrangement seen below. The red Purity candle symbolizes the blood of the White race. The white candles symbolize the purity and holiness of Creative virtues. The black candles symbolize the solemnity of the struggle to retain White culture and virtues.
Candle Placement
Below, the Roman numerals beneath the candles correspond to the virtue taught each day of the festival:
File:Candelabra Roman Numerals.jpg
I (black) History/Historia
III (white) Unity/Unitas
V (white) Memorial/Memoria
VII (red) Purity/Puritas
VI (white) Law/Lex

IV (white) Ingenuity/Sollertia
II (black) Destiny/Fatum
Nightly Candle Lighting Ceremony
The candle lighting ceremony takes place after sunset, upon which time the head of the family initiates the ceremony with the rest of the family present and silent. The father then asks: "Quid hoc die discendum est?" ("What is the lesson of the day?") Family members reply "Hoc die discendum est ." For example, the first day of the festival, the answer would be "Hoc die discendum est historia." A child is then allowed to light the corresponding candle. The head of the household then recites the prescribed lesson of the day to his family. The family, especially children, are encouraged to discuss the lesson with their family in order to more fully develop their understanding of their culture and virtues. Each night, all previous candles are lit before the head of the family asks what the lesson of the day is. At the close of the ceremony on the 7th day, the day of purity, the red “Purity” candle is not extinguished, whereas the others are. The red “Purity” candle is allowed to burn by itself for one
hour before being extinguished. It is advised that parents give their children small gifts each night after the ceremony.
Technical standards
1. The center red Purity candle should be approximately twice as tall as the other candles.
2. Candles should have a diameter between 1.5 cm (5/8“) and 2.5 cm (1“).
3. Festum Album begins on December 26 and conclude on January 1.
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