Enochian Theory

Enochian Theory is a rock/metal/progessive rock band, formed in 2004 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom. Its members are drummer Sam Street, bass guitarist Shaun Rayment, guitarist Scott Ware, and singer/keyboard player Ben Harris Hayes.

The band came together with all the members being involved in and meeting through, the south coast of England local music scene. Once the current line up was completed during September 2004, the band set about practising and writing music, and completed their first recording in March 2005.

Our Lengthening Shadows

Our Lengthening Shadows, a 7 movement CD was sold at shows and via the band's website, and was well received by the local music press who saw great promise in the band and their songs. This rock/metal E.P opened new doors for the band and allowed them to secure shows around the UK, where they demonstrated their live prowess, earning them reviews such as 'Enochian Theory are a wonder to behold', 'This band have ideas by the bucketful. And, more importantly, they have the skills and energy to get them across' and 'the fine vocal prowess of Ben Hayes a particular highlight, in that he must be one of the finest rock warblers in the area'.

The E.P would eventually sell out. This was to lead the band back in to the studio where they would attempt to record a new set, that would eclipse the previous effort in both scope and ambition.

A Monument To The Death Of An Idea

The band entered The Old Blacksmiths studios in June 2006 with engineer Rich Tamblyn to record the tracks for their second record, tentatively entitled A Monument To The Death Of An Idea. It was to be five new movements of the epic progression, hard rock and atmospheric style they had developed over the course of the past two years.

After painstaking rehearsal and last minute changes it was finally recorded, with the final running time of the E.P. clocking in at more than 33 minutes. It was an ambitious recording, but producer Rich Tamblyn did the band proud.

When the recording was combined with stunning artwork created by members of the band, the project was officially labelled 'completed' in August 2006.

With the 2005 Our Lengthening Shadows E.P. now discontinued and the self-financed A Monument To The Death Of An Idea initially available only through the band, Enochian Theory secured support shows with several top acts including Twin Zero, Red Sparrowes and .

Consistently promoting Enochian Theory and its new record, the band now wanted to reach as many people as they could with their music.

Using their combined musical knowledge and contacts they had made since the bands formation, they decided to form a partnership in Anomalousz Music Records Ltd. By setting up their own record label, A Monument To The Death Of An Idea would become available worldwide. The band signed with a large distribution company that would handle this, making the CD available through all major music outlets, and also with the SAN promotions group who would handle all their promotions and media coverage.

With the CD now available worldwide, press coverage in such music publications as Metal Hammer, , Zero Tolerance Magazine, Power Play and Play magazine, and their debut video for "Namyamka" receiving airplay on all the major rock music channels, the future looked bright for the band.

The CD was extremely well received by the music press with Powerplay rock magazine calling it 'Excellent stuff' and 'A little bit of musical magic'. Classic Rock magazine were equally impressed saying 'If you like your prog full of planet splitting drama...Enochian Theory are the band for you', showing that the time spent in the studio by the band had not been wasted.


The band released "Namyamka" to rock and internet radio stations and made it available as a downloadable single, to continue to boost their profile.

This was accompanied by a professionally shot promotional video for the song, which was made available for requesting on rock channels , Scuzz and Rockworld TV.

Reviews of the single were very positive including comments such as 'Enochian Theory perform soaring, atmospheric, progressive, modern rock of the quality that seems to have been missing from the UK scene for many years' and 'Proof indeed - as though you really needed any hard and fast evidence - that the British rock scene has never been in a healthier state'.

'Theory in practice' - Debut U.K tour

To support the release of the E.P and the "Namyamka" single, the band booked and embarked on their first U.K tour cheekily entitled 'Theory in practice'. It was promoted by their Anomalousz Music Records label and ran through the month of october.

The tour was part of a three band bill with two other up and coming bands, SpeedTheory and About A Plane Crash, who had been getting rave reviews themselves in many magazines and other media outlets and took them to venues in Liverpool, Cardiff, Brighton, London, Nottingham, Leicester and Cambridge.

With the success of the first leg, and with extremely positive feedback from crowds and venues alike, the band extended the tour, with a short second leg which ran in early december.

The itinerary, took the band to venues and places they had not seen during their first leg including Plymouth, Exeter and Cheltenham.

The tour saw the band debut a new song called 'Of dark materials', which they are looking to as their next single release.

The Future

There are provisional plans to go on a large U.K tour around March/April of 2008 with highly rated metal band, and they are also eyeing the possibility of taking the band on tour through Europe in August of that same year.

The band are also working on new material, and are currently looking for an experienced, Big name producer to work on 'Of dark materials' with them. They will release this as their next single upon its completion, with early 2008 as the target date.
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