EmpowHER is a health media company for women. The company’s website, EmpowHER.com, provides women access to health information, medical resources and a community of members and advocates committed to their well-being.
EmpowHER Founder, Michelle King Robson is a women's health advocate giving voice to women's unique health issues, and driving improvements in access to and delivery of healthcare for women around the world.
Web Site
EmpowHER (www.EmpowHER.com) is a health media company for women. The company's mission is to improve women's health and change their lives.
Community - The EmpowHER Community is a place where women can ask health questions, share health stories, and connect with others of similar interests and conditions.
Media Library - The Media Library is a multimedia library filled with videos, articles, and podcasts, including: high-definition video interviews with medical experts, a medical encyclopedia of conditions, symptoms, drug therapies, and procedures and videos from women sharing their stories.
News & Reports - This section includes news on relevant women's health topics, health-oriented articles from professional writers, and detailed research reports on the latest medical breakthroughs for women.
Medical Experts - This section includes information from medical experts on women's health topics, which provide high-definition videos for detailed question-and-answer sessions with experts in breast cancer, hormone conditions, sexual health and more.
Providers - This section spotlights providers from across the country. These organizations include hospitals, foundations, medical practices and advocacy groups, among others, that offer the latest in health resources, events and educational information. Providers include CTCA, American Red Cross, Saint John's Health Center, Narsad, and St. Joseph's Hospital
Health Events
EmpowHER Health Events is an online repository of free and low cost health events across the United States. Users can search by City, State, Zip Code and / or health condition or issue of interest for health events such as classes, screenings, vaccinations, seminars, support groups and more. Currently, EmpowHER hosts nearly 1.7 million health events from over 500 providers in 50 states and the district of Colombia.
Michelle King Robson - Founder & Chairman
Biography: Michelle is the Founder and Chairman of EmpowHER and is committed to helping women have access to current health information they need to make the wisest choices for their health and the health of their families. She is also an active philanthropist and community volunteer whose work on various women's and children's causes as well as the arts has earned her numerous awards and citations.
Shahi Ghanem - President and CEO
Biography: As CEO, Shahi oversees all aspects of the EmpowHER's business, including product development, marketing, sales, operations and strategy. He is a technology industry veteran, serial entrepreneur, and venture capital investor and advisor who has helped create over one billion dollars in shareholder returns. Prior to joining EmpowHER, Shahi served as Chairman and CEO of Brickfish, a leading social media advertising platform. Before Brickfish, Shahi served as president of DivX, Inc. (NASDAQ: DIVX), one of the world's leading developers of video compression, digital rights management and media language technologies. He helped grow DivX from a pre-revenue startup into a profitable, multi-national business while forging relationships with several major studios and every major consumer electronics manufacturer in the world.
Awards and Press

EmpowHER Appoints Dr. Lishan Aklog Chairman of Medical Advisory Board
Michelle Robson, Founder of EmpowHER, on NBC Tucson
EmpowHER National Press Release
Sally Field, Phil and Jan Fenty, and Michelle King Robson to Be Honored at Benefit for Osteoporosis and Bone Health Awareness

Free Women's Heart Health Information Now Available
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Associated Doctors, Organizations and Experts
Dr. Marianne Legato
Jane Fonda
Sally Field
Connected Women
Society for Women's Health Research
National Women's Health Resource Center
National Osteoporosis Foundation
Medical Advisory Board
Chairman - Dr. Lishan Aklog, M.D.
Dr. Marty Klein
Dr. Theodore Friedman, M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Irwin Goldstein, M.D.
Dr. Gail Gross, Ph.D., Ed.D.
Dr. Jay Harness, M.D.
Dr. Bernadette Melnyk, Ph.D, R.N., CPNP/NPP, FAAN, FNAP
Dr. Maoshing Ni, Ph.D., D.O.M., L.Ac., A.B.A.A.H.P.
Dr. Darlene Jenkins, Ph.D.
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