Elmwood Productions

Elmwood Productions (also known as The Elmwood Puppets) is a "small but mighty" film production company based in Connecticut specializing in films featuring puppets.
Originally founded in 2001 by puppeteer and puppet maker Jon Bristol and named after the town he grew up in. In the mid-2000’s fellow film makers and puppeteers Russ Bird, Jim Williams, and Peter Lucco joined Elmwood and have been driving forces in many of the productions. Elmwood has an official website , a YouTube page , and a blog where they share their films and behind the scenes information.
Currently Elmwood Productions is completing their first feature film; “Josh and Todd: The Story of A Man and His Puppet”
Steve The Vampire
In 2006 Elmwood begin production in a series of short films featuring Steve the Vampire . Steve is a twenty-something who was turned into a vampire as a teen. Because of his young look no one, including his own mother, takes him seriously as a vampire. Eventually Steve does get some respect by gaining a girlfriend and making a friendship with the legendary Dracula. Although no one believes him when he states he knows Dracula.
The series has had much critical success in the puppetry community and a DVD of the entire series is planned for 2011.
Other Characters and Shorts
“Poetry Corner with Johnnie Sojive” is a popular skit featured on the Elmwood blog space featuring Johnnie Sojive, a poet and apparent alcoholic whose poems seldom make sense and often end up on tangents about television and drugs. “Bad Monster” features a cute purple anti-Elmo dishing out bad advice and suggesting bad behavior to the viewer. Some critics have stated Bad Monster shorts should have a disclaimer stating one should not take his advice.
In 2008 Elmwood Productions produced a music video for Simon Sinister for their song Simon’s Lament that has been very well received. [http://www.youtube.com/user/Elmwoodproductions#p/u/1/0lejDAOWowY]
Upcoming web series and shorts include “Animal Behavior”, “Holy Toledo!”, “The Gamerz” and the religious satire “Dark Puppetry”
Josh And Todd: The Story of A Man and His Puppet
In 2009 Elmwood Productions finished filming their first feature length comedy “Josh and Todd: The Story of A Man and His Puppet”. In the film a young man’s (Josh) id manifests itself as a monster puppet (Todd). Todd moves in and wreaks havoc on Josh’s day to day life causing Josh to re-evaluate his life. A short preview can be seen on YouTube [http://www.youtube.com/user/Elmwoodproductions#p/u/0/c0D5pDDRgTw]. The production of the film has also been chronicled on a popular Blogger page
Non-Puppet Films
Elmwood Productions has also produced several non-puppet shorts including “Betty and Me” directed by Ricardo Davila, and “Lock and Load: A Guide to Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse” [http://www.youtube.com/user/Elmwoodproductions#p/u/3/m_Iu7C6LUXg] directed by Josh Tanner.
Also Elmwood Productions is developing a horror film titled "Leave"
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