Ellen Rogers

Ellen Jane Rogers (Born 17 Oct 1983) is an English photographer known for her use of strictly analog techniques (film and chemical processes) throughout her work. Rogers earned her master’s degree in Photography at Goldsmiths, University of London.
Early Life
Rogers was born in the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital and lived in the Norwich area up until she attended university in London. She has stated that her exposure to photography at a young age by her father as the main reason for her lifelong dedication to the subject. Through him and other family friends Rogers acquired her taste for darkroom based techniques as opposed to the emerging digital realm.
After a temporary hiatus following her university degree Rogers returned to the discipline in 2009 with a fresh approach; focusing solely on black & white medium format film and hand tinting combined with more traditional portrait composition. Rogers has often stated that the details of techniques are a secret, preferring instead to encourage people to pursue a course of personal experimentation.
These techniques quickly earned her the interest of several international fashion and photographic magazines. Later that year she began collaborating with Stylist Matthew Josephs for iD magazine which was quickly followed by shoots for Tank Magazine, Vice Magazine, Material Girl, Rika and Glass amongst others. She also writes a regular column for Lomography where she often deals with practical photography themes.

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