Elixir Technology

Elixir Technology is a Singapore based company with a R&D arm in the United Kingdom specializing in the development of Business Intelligence (BI) software. The company currently has over 600 customers across 50 countries.
Elixir was founded in 1993 by Shih-Hor Lau and Jonathan Priddey, where both were co-workers in Singapore Government’s applied R&D institute, Information Technology Institute, involved in development of several software engineering tools.
*1994: Launched a series of CASE tools developed in Visual Basic including Elixir Rite Scenario Editor and Elixir Rote State Model Editor, and subsequently LORE Enforcement Toolset to supporting Elixir’s own LORE object-oriented method. Provided training, consultancy and software development services for several years based on Object technology.
*1997: Launched LOREx2 for Java for forward and reverse engineering of Java code and design. Subsequently renamed to Elixir CASE to signify support for UML. Received JARS.com award.
*1998: Launched Elixir IDE, a programmer's editor targeted at professional Java developers, built entirely in Java Swing. Received JARS.com award.
*1999: Launched Elixir Report, a standalone Java reporting tool with royalty-free embeddable runtime. Received JARS.com award.
*2001: Launched Elixir Report Server for high scalability report generation.
*2003: Ceased support for Elixir IDE and Elixir CASE due to viable open source alternatives. Company turned its focus to Business Intelligence.
*2004: Launched Elixir Ensemble, a data transformation tool that addresses Extract-Transform-Load requirements as well as an embedded data engine for reporting.
*2005: Launched Elixir Report with Elixir Ensemble as its data engine. The beginning of an integrated business intelligence suite.
*2006: Launched Elixir Dashboard and Elixir Choreographer for Event Scheduling, completing the Elixir Repertoire Suite for Integrated Business Intelligence.
*2007: Launched Elixir Repertoire 7.0 on SOA with REST-based Business Intelligence Web Services. Won awards from Mittelstand in Germany, APICTA in Singapore, Red Herring Asia, and Deloitte Technology.
*2008: Introduced Web Content Mashup for Business Intelligence. Named Red Herring 100 Asia Finalist for the Most Innovative Technology Companies.
Elixir Repertoire (Version 7 is the latest release) is an Integrated Business Intelligence(BI) suite that provides out-of-box the below BI services in a SOA-based environment:
* Data ETL: Data Aggregation, Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) with Cube and Data Cleansing
* Reporting: Enterprise Reporting and Information Delivery for Web, Print and Mobile
* Dashboard: Information Dashboard for Data Analysis and Scorecard Navigation for Performance Management
* Scheduler: Data Activation and Process Automation for Performance Monitoring
* Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2007
Awarded one of the 500 fastest growing technology companies from Australia, China, Japan, India, South Korea and other countries in the Asia Pacific region.
* APICTA Award Team Singapore 2007 - Tools & Infrastructure Application Category
Winner in Asia Pacific Information and Communication Technology Alliance Award for Team Singapore in Tools and Infrastructure Application category.
* Red Herring 100 Asia Finalist for the Most Innovative Technology Companies in 2007 and in 2008 for the top 100 cutting edge companies amongst 1,000 submissions from Asia.
* German Middle Innovation Award 2007 by Initiative Mittelstand - Reporting Category
Winner of the German Middle Innovation Award 2007 in the category of Reporting.
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